Aprons...making a comeback?

14 March 2010

Now I must say that aprons are making a fashionable comeback and with high demand! I mean come on who wants to spend all that time in the kitchen and look like it? With so many patterns and fabrics to choose from the apron you choose won't be like your momma's apron.
I found this pattern on the www.robertkaufman.com/quilting/quilts_patterns/happy_homemaker/ site. There is a download of the pattern in PDF format on the upper right hand side of the site. Tip nut has over 50+ patterns that you can download patterns for or see how other people made their aprons.
I must say that retro look is coming in but use what ever fabric you like and the best kind of fabric is remainder fabric...it's cheap and you can get alot of it if you know where to go.


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