Friday's Chores

18 March 2010
This cute little chart comes from the following website:

I feel bad because I didn't get half as much as I wanted done...and today is going to be a long day! So without further ado here is my list of things for me to do.

Living Room/Dining Room
1) Finish clearing off dining room table
2) Clean DS train table
3) Wipe down base boards...well the ones I can get to

1) Vacuum
2) Make beds
3) Change our sheets
4) Change DD bedding and sanitize

1) Clean sinks
2) Clean toliets...if need...wipe down seats and all
3) Clean mirrors
4) Empty trash

1) Sweep
2) wipe down counters
3) Clean out fridge...aka CORN
4) Have meat thawed for dinner

I am hoping that I can possibly shampoo the carpets today...lord knows it needs it!


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