Homemade Degreaser Recipe.... Warning included!

16 March 2010

Ok I have a gas stove here in lovely military housing...ok maybe not so lovely but comeon a gas stove??? I love it! The one thing I don't love is grease that pilot covers collect. I have scrubed and scrubed, soaked them over night and still nothing...till I searched on google and found this handy dandy recipe from Tipnut...I borrowed their pic too.

See I had bought ammonia for stripping my bathroom floor...they really seem to love the wax, and building it up here. Anywho, I had used regular ammonia a dab of my dish washing liquid soap and some awesomely hot water. I let them little round bad soak over night and guess what! That awful goop on them came off and they look like new! Here's the recipe.

Homemade Degreaser Recipe

Lemon scented ammonia

Hot water

Dawn dishwashing liquid

■Fill an empty liquid dish detergent bottle half full with the ammonia, then top with hot water. Add a few squirts of dawn. Put cap back on and shake to mix, squirt where needed.

This cleaner works great for cleaning the ornaments and dishes on display in the kitchen (the grease collectors ).

*With ammonia I recommend doing this once the kiddies are in bed, if you have kiddies*

Thank you so much tip nut!


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