Homemade mixes...is it worth it or what?

8:59 AM Rachel Adams 3 Comments

I have to say this is the cutest picture for mixes...borrowed from countryliving.com

With today's economy not doing so great...(will keep opinion to self on who's to blame) things are getting more and more costly. Some people need to watch their salt intake, some people need gluten free products which are just as costly if not more for omitting certain ingredients. Why deal with not finding something or the amount of salt in taco seasoning? Heck make your own!
 Making your own mixes you can make them gluten free, salt free/low sodium, control the calories and fat content, and best of all you most likely have the spices there in your kitchen.

There are many websites out there and I will provide links to some of them, you can google "homemade mix recipes or make your own mix" and get a ton of them and some of them being store brand copy cat recipes.

http://www.recipegoldmine.com/mixes/mixes.html -This site has tons of recipes for mixes
http://www.razzledazzlerecipes.com/christmas/gifts/index.htm -This site is more for christmas presents
http://mixes.cdkitchen.com/ - Look at the features box for the catagories of mix recipes they have
http://marymae.tripod.com/jarlinks.htm - This has alot of recipes but she hasn't updated since 2004.
http://www.recipezaar.com/ - This is one of my favorite cooking sites, tyoe what your looking for and they most likely have it
http://tweezle.tripod.com/makemix.html -They have alot of recipes too

I hope these recipes help you as much as they have helped me out. Like I said before being frugal isn't about being cheap it's about being smart!


  1. this was so helpful! thank you so much! It will also save me so much time in the morning.. I saw your post in the Susie Homemaker group!

  2. One of my friend's has a blog with are really good rice-a-roni recipe.

  3. Have you seen this book? Saw it after reading this post and thought of you.