Monday's chores

14 March 2010

Ok lets see how much I get done tomorrow....I will cross off all that I accomplish.
Living room/Dining Room
1) Vacuum-Done
2) Dust-Done
3) Purge
4) Clean all glass items and clean tables-Done

1) Wipe down counters and surfaces-Done
2) Put Dishes away and wash dishes-Done
3) Sweep and Mop-Done
4) Purge-Done

1) Sweep and mop-Done
2) Empty trash-Done
3) Wipe down sink and mirrors-Done
4) Clean tubs-Done

1) Change DS sheets...he's been sick
2) Vacuum- kids are sleeping so I couldn't do it
3) Dust-See dusting
4) Purge

Wipe down all surfaces with belach water mix. Clean door handles and light switches.-Almost Done
*Update: I will marking them off as I go. So far not so bad...well back to cleaning!*
~*~ I think things look better when they are crossed off? Don't you. :) ~*~


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