Monday's Chores

8:24 PM Rachel Adams 0 Comments

I will say that this site has such cute charts that are in PDF format she does such great work!

Ok I really didn't do anything cleaning wise except clean up after the mini-block party here at the was great! Now the cleaning schedule begins again.

Living Room/Dining Room
1) Clean tv and front door
2) Vacuum
3) Finish the dinning room table

1) Sweep
2) Put dishes away and was remaining dishes
3) Scrub stove top
4) Clean microwave inside and out

1) Make beds
2) Dust
3) Clean DS table off

Phone calls to make
1) T-conference to DD doctor to make an appointment
2) T-conference to my PCM
3) T-conference to OBGYN dr. to get a refferal to someone who can cut and burn my tubes