Today's Chores

8:31 AM Rachel Adams 1 Comments

I found these cute charts at the following site and you can download them for FREE!

I got next to nothing done yesterday and man does my house show it, but it's another nice spring day so I am going to rock my MP3 player and get my house done or at least try!

Living Room/ Dining Room
1) Finish the dang table
2) Pay a bill
3) Vacuum...hey I have a 3 yr. old come on now!
4) Hope to shampoo it tonight
5) Clean DS train table

1) Sweep
2) Clean counters down
3) Get Rid Of Junk

1) Sweep
2) Wipe sinks down
3) Clean mirrors
4) Empty trash

1) Put dirty clothes in laundry room
2) Vacuum
3) Clean DS table in his room from him coloring on it

Lets see what gets done today..hahaha

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  1. Thanks for the link! I love colorful, eye appealing charts-helps to keep the work more ejoyable!