Tuesday's Chores

7:43 PM Rachel Adams 0 Comments

Ahh another day, another day to clean I suppose. I got alot of Monday's chores done...I was surprised how much I actually got done...hahah

Ok here's Tuesday's Chores

Living Room/Dining Room
1) Clean off dining room table to actually eat there
2) Possibly shampoo carpet when kids are in bed?
3) Purge...didn't have time to do that monday

1) Wipes surfaces down that I missed i.e. fridge, freezer and so on
2) Reorganize my pantry and cabinets
3) Dishes

1) Vacuum rooms
2) Fold moster laundry basket and put clothes away Dh helped me :)
3) Purge rooms-Purge masterbedroom!
4) Dust

Craft Room
1) Vacuum
2) Purge
3) Take invetory of books, dvd's etc. for household notebook
4) Dust...Dust...Dust
5) Wipe surfaces up
6) Clean up scrapbook table

1) Mail out Swaps
2) Telephone conference with DD doctor about bloody nose-have to do tomorrow he's not in.
3) Confirm medical order
4) Telephone conference with my Dr. to cancel surgery and get another procedure booked some where else...long story! Need to call monday about this
5) Pick up yellow light bulb for front porch
6) Call about light bulb replacements for living room...and about the dang ants in the bathrooms...I mean are they lost? Foods in the kitchen silly ants.