Tuesday's Chores

8:50 PM Rachel Adams 0 Comments

Ahh another day and more chores to do...housework is never done. Here is the link for this cute chore sheet. http://www.merlinsbox.com/Do-Your-Chores-Pad-Chore-Checklist-p/13-12041.htm

Living Room/Dining Room
1) Dining room table...I really need to get cracking on this one
2) Clean baseboards
3) Vacuum out window sills

1) Sweep
2) Laundry
3) Dinner thawed out doing left overs tonight
4) Clean the fridge out
5) Wash dishes that hubby didn't do as usual
1) Make beds
2) Put Laundry away
3) Get Dh to put dirty clothes in the laundry room