Wednesday's Chores

17 March 2010
This is from a fellow blogger can see her sight here

Here is my list of chores for the day! Lets see what and how much I get accomplished today!

Living room/Dinning room
1) possibly shampoo carpet?
2) Wipe down the TV because little hands can't stop touching it
3) vacuum (didn't I do this already?


1) Clean out the fridge
2) take the trash out...ok put it in the trash bins
3) put the recycling out too in the bins


1) Put little Miss's clothes away and blankets too
2) finish putting clothes away
3) sanitize little Miss's room...long story

Computer/Craft Room

1) clean computer screen
2) Clean windows
3) Inventory of DVD's, Books, Scrapbook stuff, and appliances for household note book


1) Do bi weekly menu for the first of April
2) Buy yellow light bulb
3) Mail out census form...hope they laugh at my race being AMERICAN!
4) Set items out for dinner


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