Well my Household is like....

14 March 2010

My household is like a ZOO most the time. It's not that hard to see why. I mean we are an Army family of 4 and with every one's schedules and appointments I feel like ripping my hair out and then sit back once the week is done and try to figure out how we got it all done in the first place hahah.

Let me introduce you to the players in my family!

Household 6: Army term for the mastermind behind the entire house and sometimes the soldier.

Daddy...aka Spc.: This is man of the house, but I do tend to wear the pants most the time...lol

BuddyBooBoo: This is my DS. He's obsessed with Thomas the Tank engine. We are going to get to potty training him soon, and no he's not in diapers...but pull ups.

Snuggle Bug & Sweet Pea: This is our DD. She's Trisomy 18 and almost 14 months old as per this post. She's why the schedule is kinda screwy but wouldn't have it any other way!

Diamond: The AKC basset hound who thinks she's human...haven't figured out she don't have apposable thumbs yet...hahha silly dog!

I will have a link to my food blog that is at another site....I love my food blog. It has pictures of everything I have cooked so far.

I will be posting tips and links with helpful advice such as household notebook...a must have to help me run my house in the chaos of the military life!


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