Friday Project

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Ok I borrowed the pic and recipe from this site check it out...

Here's what you need:

A bucket 1 box of 20 Mule Team Borax  1 box of washing soda  5 bars of soap


Grate the bars of soap. If you are using Ivory or another soap that is very soft, you will want to let the grated soap sit out and harden for a couple of days. Dump the soap, borax and washing soda into a bucket. NOTE: Pour and mix this outside as it can cause a dust in the air (similar to pouring cat litter).

Mix it up however necessary. Use a long, wooden spoon and/or put the lid on the bucket and shake it really well.


Use one tablespoon of detergent for regular loads, two for large or heavily soiled loads. Do not go overboard. A little of this goes a long way - that's what makes it economical. This homemade detergent is natural, so it can be used on baby clothes.
Now once I am done I will show you all the power of TIDE vs the Awesomeness of HOMEMADE and we will see who is the winner....and if the winner is Homemade guess what I got bottle of tide brand spanking new if you want it!

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  1. I'm still using the batch I made early last summer. From what I've got left it will last me a full year. My recipe didn't use a full box of either of the powders and just half of a bar of Fels Naptha soap though. I wonder how long it will last using the whole box? I never actually calculated, but the whole batch was around $3 for a YEAR'S worth of laundry soap!