Love these ladies!

9:26 PM Rachel Adams 0 Comments

I borrowed this picture from BBC...thanks I love these ladies...but the houses I think I can do without!

Ok we all have our moment when we want to pull out hair out because we think our house is a mess...well Ladies sit right down take a break and watch How Clean Is Your House on BBC, you'll feel so much better by the end of the show you won't notice the few chores you didn't get to.

 Ok The two ladies from the picture are Aggie and Kim, Aggie does all the nifty CSI germ yucky stuff. Kim is the one dressed to the nine's in her ultra bright white nurse scrubbie get-up and scolds the owners of the homes that only a horder could love.

 They even have books! Yeahhhh they are all for the green thing if that's your bag baby. As for me I try and that's all that counts. Here are link to their books on amazon...I am thinking of getting one since I am wanting more homemade recipes for cleaning.

Check them out...I think I will be heading to my library soon to see about getting them and seeing what they are all about...I do love alot of their tips and hints they have on their shows.