Spring Cleaning

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I saw this article in the washington post and have itching to post it so without further notice here it is.

Spring Cleaning- The Basics
This editorial was produced by the The Washington Post special sections department
Author unknown

Start from top down. Dust first and then vacuum. There's nothing more madding than seeing your clean floor covered with dust. Also, if you have rugs, take them outside to shake them before you vacuum.

Some things you can't put off. Sweep the floor and vacuum often. Those little bits of crumbs will attract mice, ants and other vermin.

Use the right kind of cleaners. Don't use furniture cleaner on your windows and vise versa. Never mic cleaning solutions. Some, like ammonia and bleach, can be toxic. Use a lint-free cloth(not all paper towels are lint-free)on windows and mirrors. To avoid running back and forth between rooms, put all your cleaning supplies in a caddy to take with you as you move from room to room.

Wash up afterwards and use gloves. Change your clothing immediately after you've finish cleaning. You've just made your apartment/home spic and span and now those germs maybe on you.

Wash windows on a cloudy day instead of a sunny day. The heat from the sun will make your cleaning solution dry more quickly, causing streaks.

Other Cleaning Tips:

Small holes in window screens can be patched up with clear nail polish.

Hairspray can be used to  kill flies,

Use paintbrushes and cotton swabs to dust hard-to-reach cracks (in stero systems, on a computer, in the crevices of cabinetry, etc.).

Car wax can be used on a door that sticks.

Line the bottom of your oven with tin foil; it'll catch any spills.

Clean your shower and fixtures after a steamy shower or bath. The steam will loosen dirt and grime.

Sick of your plasticware getting stained from red sauces? Before you store marinara sauce, spray your plastic bowl with cooking oil or wipe it with vegetable oil. The oil will prevent the food from soaking into the plastic.

Get rid of those stinky sponges! Sponges breed bacteria abd should be tossed every couple of weeks. In the meantime, throw them in the dishwasher after each use to keep them as clean as possible.