Clutter, clutter and more clutter

8:43 PM Rachel Adams 2 Comments

                                                                       Look Familiar?

  Ahh clutter clutter everywhere and not a care to fix it, so it seems....

Ever notice how many guides or how to documents there are on how to declutter? When building my house hold notebook/ binder I found soooo many articles about decluttering...I need to start following them self.

 The number one rule that seems to be in all the how to books and even the fly lady has the same message:  If you don't use it in 6 months then get rid of or donate it. What is the point of keeping something if you don't use it?

Clutter rule number 2: Clean in seasons. I like this one alot, granted I haven't implemented it yet because well I am still unpacking my house. The rational thought of cleaning in seasons is that as you clean you can see maintenance issues that need to be taken care of....i.e. battery changes in smoke detectors, air filters in your ac unit, airing out winter clothes and taking stock in what one might need to get thru rough winter storms.

This is the same for car maintenance too. Get your oil changed every 3 months, tires each season, and make sure you keep up the routine maintenance.

Clutter rule number 3: Never bring in more stuff than you take out. If you DON'T NEED It then DON'T BUY IT! I know, I know very hard rule to follow, because of sales and impulse buys. Stay Strong!

Clutter rule number 4: (I like this one alot) Before Christmas go through you children's toys and take out toys that they no longer play with and if they are good shape PLEASE donate them to goodwill, hospitals (if applicable), or state children's homes.

Clutter rule number 5: Rotate, rotate, rotate. Meaning once a month rotate your mattresses; all mattresses if you have a mattress that doesn't have a box spring, just spin it around to rotate it. Do the same with clothes, to get rid of things that no longer fit and donate them. Rotate furniture if you like, to give a sense of change.

Clutter rule number 6: Get the family involved. I've watched many hording shows and it's scary how if one parent hordes the child is more than likely to share the same tendencies. Scary and not healthy!!!