Lists, lists, and OMG where is my brain...I know I had that list here somewhere!

02 August 2010
                                                         So many lists so little time

Lists here, lists there, lists everywhere....lists for shopping, list for chores I think there are bunch more hanging on my fridge door. When I need them where do they go? I think they grow little legs and go, go, go....reminds me of some troublesome trucks (don't ask)!

 Yes a to do list is helpful, but with sooooo many out there how do you know which one is for you?  With so many websites it's so hard to chose just one and then lets not get started when you want to combine them into the MEGA lists for your family needs....Stop the madness!

 I figured for my own sanity I will post some great links to some free printable sites....of course my number fave is D*Y*I Planner they have tons of printables for all kinds of software!

6) (this is a commerical product...might be worth buying)

See as I was saying there are so many great sites to get a list from....check em out! It will also help with the household notebook if your making one!