A wife and mother's job is never done

01 September 2010
What 4 day break?

With school getting ready to being I figured I would give those of you who are not mothers or wives a taste of one our days! Get ready and know that you don't pay us enough!

  1. Clean up after you and yes all your army puke. I was never issued a clothing list so no I DON'T KNOW where it is let along what it is. Pick it up and maybe you will know!

  2. Do you know how hard it is to clean up baby puke? Let alone chocolate milk out of the carpet?

  3. Do the dishes, clean the house, make dinner, take care of kids, your army puke, pay bills, clean the cat box, food shopping and more...all this with one vehicle, or two if we are lucky!

  4. Sick day...WTH is that? I don't get sick days let alone my required 1 hour break from being called mom every 5 min, wait make that every 5 seconds.

  5. I thrive on coffee and the stimulating conversation of a 4 year old telling me all about the lovely world of Thomas the tank engine.

  6. Holiday vacation and you know what that means? It means cooking dinner for a mass crowd of hungry people and then cleaning up the mess.

  7. Have kids and constantly at their demand, some days it's great and other days well lets say isn't school for that?

  8. Realizing that kids are the greatest treasure in the world when they just want you, a good book, and snuggle time on the couch for hours on end...you can't totally complain!