Care Note Book Thanks to Seattle Children's

12 December 2010
This is from Seattle Children's website.

If your like me and you have a special needs child the paperwork can be overwhelming! When were they hospitalized last, what medications are they on, what times they get and can cause one to lose their minds.

Well mommies and daddies do I have a link for you!  You can type on these PDF forms and print them name them you have them. There are forms for medications, forms about your kid (s) and more.

You can download all the forms at one time and save them to your computer and fill them out and print out what you need when you need them. I have been building my daughter's medical binder and this has been a god send for me. Everything that I need and more is right there!

I hope these forms help you out as much as they have helped me and other parents out.