Go Green Pros and Cons of it an my opinion

13 May 2010
                                              Saw this on Squidoo and I liked it for this post.

The world is becoming more and more obsessed with going green. It seems you hear it everywhere, reduce reuse recycle. I am all for reusing things and recycling…but reducing might be a bit harder to do, growing up in a generation of people that had to beat the Jones’s.

I love the idea of reusable bags…That’s pro because it keeps the plastic bags out of landfills, but to charge 5 cent per bag in places like DC and Virginia, come on…it cost less to make them bags and people do reuse them. The con is you are forced to buy the reusable bags and let me tell you most the good ones aren’t cheap…I’d rather pay the 5 cent tax and call it day.

Recycling…awesome use for plastic bottles and old newspapers and such. The pro is that plastic bottles can become fleece shirts and more…Who knew! The con is you are limited in some areas for recycling. You can’t recycle plastic tubs even though they have a number that tells you that you can, you can’t recycle tin foil, and your can’t recycle more things that you normally can other areas.

Hybrid cars…great idea and way to lower fuel emissions into the air, but the parts are hard to come by and repairs are costly. Not to mention you pay more for a hybrid than a standard car that can do almost everything a hybrid can do except plug it in.

Organic food and products…there is only one pro about this and that would be people growing their own. I hate seeing how much more something cost because it’s “organic”. The cleaning products get me. Like green works….how is it that something you clean with say bleach, how do you make that organic?

I have posted some links to sites that you can make your own homemade cleaners for cheaper than the store bought product and it cleans just as good if not better.

I just think that like anything else this “Go Green” lifestyle has been a way for companies to cash in on a product that people think is good for the environment but got suckered in by the Big Brother organic companies. Do your research on the product and don’t buy something because it has the little go green logo.