Loose Tooth Adventure

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                                                         This is from mmmcrafts blog.

So today my son who is 5 years old lost his first tooth. This en-turn comes out to be a craft adventure with the discussion on why we lose our baby teeth and who the tooth fairy is and what she does. It's a very looong discussion with a 5 year old!

Son: Mom my tooth is wiggly
Me: Let me see, Wow it is loose. Quit playing with it, so you don't lose it.
About an hour later...I think?

Son: Mom, Mom, my tooth my tooth
Me: I told you not to play with it, you want me too pull it out, or pawpaw?
Son: with tears streaming down his face, no mom you do it.
Me: why me?Trying not to laugh...
Son: Because I love you!
Me: Let me get pawpaw to help me.

Another hour later....or so it seems!

1...2...3 out comes the tooth.

Now for the fun part of pulling out fabric, quilt batting, sewing machine and ribbon. So the discussion with a 5 year old on fabric choices was great. It ended up being happy bees flying in the sky. The tooth pillow has 2 types of blue ribbons, and a pocket that had to be there and where he wanted it. Then further discussion on the tooth fairy and how she knows about him losing his tooth and where will it be and can she find it.

So about 2 hours later or so it seems, we had the pattern printed, fabric cut out, quilt batting cut out, sewing machine set up and all. Son is right there watching me do everything falling in love with the quilt batting (note to self...HIDE the batting), pinning, then sewing, ribbon picking and all.

Then it was story time with daddy. Reading the thanksgiving story as he is telling us about his tooth and how he loves the tooth fairy...as you can tell he's really a sensitive child. I finish the tooth fairy pillow, hang it in his room show him where his tooth is in the pocket.

So I hang it on his dresser with an office clip and listen to him tell me that he can't close his eyes in the dark cos he's waiting for the tooth fairy. I go in as any parent would took the tooth and put his cash in the pocket of the tooth pillow. I had to try soooo hard not to laugh cos there he was asleep sitting up waiting for the tooth fairy.

I am so glad that I got to share this with him. I love these little moments with my son. They grow up so fast! I hope you enjoy this small moment of non-chaos.


Great craft site and freebie patterns too!


With this we give our thanks

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This year lets give our thanks to the men and women of the armed forces. They are fighting everyday to defend us and this great country we call AMERICA. 

We must also remember to thank our veterans and the families that are left behind by the service members to do a job that doesn't pay much and can include paying with there lives.

We give thanks to you our brave men and women for the sacrifices you make by performing a selfless act.

We give thanks to our families cos Lord knows they put up with enough of shenanigans till we have children of our own. And Yes mom was RIGHT children are the paybacks for all the horrible things we did to them growing up...I still love my kids!

I give thanks to everyone who stops by to my corner of the blogosphere world. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my little household blog. 


Thanksgiving and kids

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Ahhh the smells of thanksgiving and the never ending mom, mom, mom, MOM calling. What to do when you need to cook dinner and your little ones are driving you nuts? Give them crafts to do. Keep those little hands preoccupied while you get that master piece of a thanksgiving dinner done, and be sure to have other adults help when the time comes for something to be glued or cut.






Hope that you and your kiddos enjoy these crafts as well and it lets Mom finish baking that meal that every one loves.


Budget Friendly Meals Not to Break The Bank....

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With the economy being so bad I figured it's time that we all try to help each other with budget friendly meals that won't break the bank. The problem is you can scour the internet for recipes that look super yummy but are chock full of fat and salt, which is not good for you.

I have checked the sites out myself and love how some of them break down the ingredients to show you the cost, which can vary from state to state and grocery store to grocery store. Remember buy what you need and make the rest if you can. There are some really good sites to make your own seasoning mixes and more which I will also provide the link for that site as well.

So here the links are for budget friendly meals:









Make your own mixes:

 Has every kind of mix you can think of, soups, drinks, seasonings, cakes in a mug and more!


Halloween Activites

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This came from TipNut's website

Ahhh it's getting to be that time when our little monsters get to dress like all the things that go bump in the night and with Halloween only 17 days away there are many activites that we can do with them to keep the excitement going.

Here are some links that all out little monsters can do to keep them busy until the big day comes around, so enjoy.... muhahahahah (evil laughter)


If you scroll down a bit there are activities there for little ones to enjoy...thanks Disney!

There is more than just Halloween on this website, there are tons of children's activities on this website, you should check it out!

Great resource for crafts as well as educational crafts for you homeschoolers out there!


Back to School and I'm a little late

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I know that this late and I am sorry but it's been kinda hectic here with illnesses and having g/j tubes changed and more medical stuff AHHH...but thank god that school has started and as promised I have links tons of them!

I got most my links from good friend Polly Morris who is a rocking homeschooling military wife and one of the best mommas I know. I do hope to get her to publish some homeschooling articles for all you out there that need good reliable sources of education for your little ones.

So here are the links as promised!

Full Cirriculums











(ATI is the program used by the Duggars. Quite a few of these, Son light for example, have several different curriculum programs to choose from)

Other informative sites:





The Home school Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has the state by state requirements needed to legally home school children in that state. These are also the people you need to turn to if any district or state tries to give you grief about your choice to home school.

Lesson Plans:





Online Public Schools:



(Note: Not all states endorse online public school, make sure to check the websites to make sure your state is on their list BEFORE you enroll. There are also different programs that specific states offer. The state board of education will best be able to tell you what's available for this option in your specific state. Also lots of online universities offer online high school programs. )

Best free worksheet websites:






I do hope this helps first time home schoolers and even you advancers who are looking for more resources on the web.


Stressed out

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So it's been so crazy in the house of late that all my blogs have been effected. I am so sorry. Between surgeries, strep ( 2 cases) and sick baby I feel like my picture I posted.

I do hope to add more content to my blogs and please forgive me for being absent of late and not having any new content of late.

Since school is starting I will hopefully have some good resources for all our school kiddies and I am excited since it's my son's first time going to school. I will also contact a very good friend of mine that does homeschooling and see what see recommends as good sites for all you home schooling mommas out there.

Please let me know what you all are looking for and I will try my savy best to see what I can find to help you all out. Thanks for understanding that life happens and sometimes it's in my control and Lord knows most the time it's in his.


Sewing Bug

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                                              Borrowed from another blogger Loved it pic.

Well the I've got it bad the sewing bug. How did it start??? All because the inspiration from dresscue me. I watch this show and go I can do that or I can do that...maybe not the bias stitch to much but I bet I can learn to do it. Well with that going on I figured I'd find some cool places and place my links here for you and me to come back to. Plus all the patterns are FREE!

http://www.craftbits.com/sewing-crafts Lots of free patterns and some with tutorials too!

http://www.homespun-threads.com/patterns_tutorials.htm very cute projects

http://www.allfreesewing.com/?gclid=CImvwqf8q6kCFQM6gwod2VZkKw tons of free project ideas

http://www.allfreecrafts.com/sewing/index.shtml more free projects and I think you can search for other projects.

http://www.quilterscache.com/ my all time fave quilting pattern site! They have tons of patterns for any level of quilting you might be at, give em a try you might be surprised at what you can do.

I hope you enjoy these links and I can't wait to start sewing some of these to help give my home color and keep me busy...as if I am not busy enough. Happy sewing!


Family communication board~ Thanks Creative Habitat

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                                                     This is from creative habitat!

I saw this craft idea from tipnut.com and went to the site link they posted ans saw how easy it is. Once I get house you can best believe this going to be on my craft list!

 All work and pictures are from creative habitat. I am reposting to share and check the site out there are tons of crafts on the site to see and do. Happy crafting!

Materials List


12x12 Foam Core Boards

12x12 Metal Magnet Board

12x12 Dry Erase Board

12x12 Cork Board



 Chalk Board Spray

'Hold the Foam!' Adhesive

Strong Adhesive (“E6000” recommended)

 Misc. Embellishments


1. Choose a frame: 12x12, 12x36, 24x24, 24x36

2. Choose the number of 12x12 foam core boards that you need depending on the size of your frame. (ie: 12x12 – 1, 12x36 – 3, etc.)

3. Choose the surface Medium you would like for each 12x12 square (Dry Erase, Cork, etc.). Adhere each surface square to the 12x12 foam core board using Hold the Foam© adhesive.

4. Decorate each square with embellishments.

5. Adhere all completed squares to the cardboard backing included in your frame.

(Tip: Push your completed squares together into the shape of your chosen frame before gluing it down to your cardboard backing. Try the frame on for size to make sure everything fits the way you would like.)

6. Mount completed squares in Frame and hang on desired wall. Enjoy!


Toilet paper tube craft~ Just in time to celebrate Earth Day!

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Isn't it amazing what you can do with toilet paper tubes?

In honor of Earth Day I saw this post from another blogger and had to repost it. It's crazy beautiful and functional if you have that space on your wall that nags DECORATE ME! This craft is brought to you by Growing Up Creative...check it out.

You will need:

Toilette Paper rolls


White glue


Paint + brushes


Laundry pins/paper clips


•Crush paper roll


Cut into approximately 5 equal parts don’t have to be exact


place the rolls on a flat surface creating a desired pattern. spend time trying different compositions and patterns.

•glue where rolls are touching, hold with laundry pins to dry. You may use a stapler as an alternative, what ever is easier. I find that glue is easier for the younger kids.


•You may paint and add sparkles. Sprinkle the glitter on the wet paint, this way it will sticks and you wont need any glue.


Apparently you will have to have some sort of restraint to know when to say STOP!
All Pictures and majority of this post came from the Growing Up Creative website. There are many crafts here and it seems they are geared to kids (which is great for them rainy days). I hope you all enjoy this post and the website as well.


Storage Cubes Done Cheap!

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Aren't these too cute?

You'll need:
•5 squares of fabric for the outside of the cube--I used brown & Blue decorator's fabric

•5 squares of fabric for the inside of the cube--I used brown felt

•Interfacing to reinforce the outer fabric-optional

•Ribbon for handles--about 7-8 inches

•Supplies--scissors, rotary cutter, mat, ruler, sewing machine, thread, pins

Start by sewing the 4 sides together in a row. Next attach the bottom to each side of the cube. Then finish the cube by closing the side (brown dot to giraffe) of the cube. Attach interfacing if using. (I only did 2 sides.) Attach the handles.

Repeat the process for the interior fabric. I used brown felt for the lining for its stiffness.

Sew the interior and exterior fabrics together, right sides together. Attach on three and a half sides, leaving an opening to turn. Turn the cube right side out, press and top stitch.

This tutorial came from one of the members of the susie homemaker group. All the information and pictures belong to her. I had to share her idea...her screename is

SanDiegoMaxMom. Glad I could share this with you all, since it's a great way to use scraps of fabric into something useful.

Reduce Reuse Recycle....Bob the builder :)


Home Budgeting...Putting that tax money to good use

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      Insane ain't it???

The world is mesmerized by money. A rack full of newspapers and magazines and a truckload of newsletters devote themselves entirely to chronicling the use and abuse of money. Cable TV beams money-related programming day and night. The Internet is jammed with money-minded Web sites. Money is a top-ten topic of family conversation, too.

Considering that the subject occupies so much of our time and attention, isn't it amazing that so many people have barely a clue about how to handle their own money? Amazing maybe, but no mystery: Americans typically manage to navigate 12, 16 or more years of very fine formal education without ever learning how to balance a checkbook, size up a stock or resist a fast-talking salesman of bad financial ideas. So here are the basics of money management, from setting goals to budgeting to figuring out your net worth.

http://www.kiplinger.com/basics/archives/2007/07/inventory.html - Find out what you own and what you owe, then track where your money goes.

http://www.kiplinger.com/basics/archives/2003/02/cashflow.html - Take the time to find out where your money is going on a day-to-day basis.

http://www.kiplinger.com/basics/archives/2003/02/budget.html -
Think of your budget as a means of setting and reaching your goals. Here's help to get you started.

http://www.kiplinger.com/basics/managing/cash/wp_budget.html - Dwindling savings and more debt are warning signs of a leaky budget. Find out how to keep spending under control and keep costs down.

http://www.kiplinger.com/basics/archives/2003/02/holes.html - If you start picking up distress signals, run your budget through these checks.http://www.kiplinger.com/basics/archives/2007/07/inventory.html - The most important step toward financial security is to translate it into your own terms.

I do hope these links help you as much as I hope it helps me. I got this great post from a cafemom group called susie homemaker...you can check the group out here http://www.cafemom.com/group/48613...plus cafemom is free to join and there are tons of groups to join.


Mail holder/ organizer with links

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Makes you want to make one too huh???

 If your like me you have mail on the counters the dinning table and everything is a mess and then I can't find what I am looking for and I want my house to be alot more organized too. Come on admit it you most likely have the same issue...counters, tables and more are catch alls and  there is no home for all the paper we get in the mail.

This lovely picture came from another blogspot blogger and she did an awesome job using wood pallets...talk about recycling and reusing something. I will be posting  all the great links that you can use to make your own mail holder, whether its  sewing, wood or other we can all use a mail holder!

http://tipnut.com/organizers-caddies/ there are 27 projects on this link...I must say I really like tipnut they have tons of projects to do

I hope you all enjoy this and plan to add more from great links on the web!


Make Custom Color Chalkboard Paint...Via Martha Stewart Kids

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                                                   Borrowed from the Craft Queen MS

Now you see that chalkboard paint in the stores and it's this tiny little can or about enough paint to barely fill a pint jar....we all know we can make our own and the store brand only comes in color...BLACK.

Well never fear the craft queen Martha Stewart has saved us $$$$$ and gives directions on how to make this cool craft paint our selves. Thank you Martha Stewart!

Ok this recipe and all pictures used in this blog post Are from the Martha Stewart site. I can't take any credit and nor shall I and at the end of the tutorial there will be a link to the site so you can see what other kid crafts she has. Enjoy!

Custom Colors How-To

Start with flat-finish latex paint in any shade. For small areas, such as a door panel, mix 1 cup at a time.

1. Pour 1 cup of paint into a container. Add 2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout. Mix with a paint stirrer, carefully breaking up clumps.

2. Apply paint with a roller or a sponge paintbrush to a primed or painted surface. Work in small sections, going over the same spot several times to ensure full, even coverage. Let dry.

3. Smooth area with 150-grit sandpaper, and wipe off dust.

4. To condition: Rub the side of a piece of chalk over entire surface. Wipe away residue with a barely damp sponge.



Vinegar cleaning recipes

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Lovely isn't it?

 Vinegar pee yew pee yew, but you clean so well you do, you do....ok enough of the rhyming and onto the grime and cleaning with vinegar!

There are so many recipes for this great product and if you can't handle the smell it's ok it tends to fade away after a few minutes or you can add essential oils to make it smell sooo much better.

Vinegar is also cheaper than those commerical cleaners and better for the environment too. I never head of anyone being allergic to vinegar also....just a hint!

Did you know that vinegar can kill most molds, bacteria and germs due to it's high acidic nature? Cool huh and better than that the smell of bleach but I like the smell of bleach makes think of clean but with little ones I need to use vinegar mostly.

So here is where I post the links and here I shall...enjoy the recipes and tips that I have found for you and know that these sights are good because I would never link a dangerous site unless I didn't know and these are also non spam sites too....Gotta love a blogger that does the dirty (pun) work for you!

http://www.frugalfun.com/vinegar.html this has recipes too for one to use...gotta love recipes
http://www.ecocycle.org/hazwaste/recipes.cfm more recipes to use for cleaning :)
http://www.vinegarbook.net/vinegar_tips_for_cleaning.shtml 400 recipes and tips for vinegar how awesome!


Vinegar & Oil: More Than 1001 Natural Remedies, Home Cures, Tips, Household Hints and Recipes, With 700 Photographs [Book] by Bridget Jones, Michelle (PHT) Garrett in Books

Vinegar by Vicki Lansky There are 400 recipes and tips in this book

Heinz Vinegar: Over 100 Helpful Household Hints

The Naturally Clean Home: 150 Super-Easy Herbal Formulas for Green Cleaning by Karyn Siegel-Maier

Happy cleaning everyone :)


Once A Month Cooking UPDATE

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                                                           And I wish it was this neat!

 So I did try the whole the month worth the meals...the answer I got back was FAILURE! But in a good way. I ran out of room in stand up freezer...hahahh

I had 2 pans of lasagna...which by the way we ate one pan and it was delish :) and one meal actually end up making to meals and there were still meals in the freezer from two weeks ago so I guess I will only be two week sessions and go from there.

There are some good books that have checked out from the library and I actually had bought thanks to one of the Borders books stores going out of business here in Washington.

Fix Freeze Feast: This book uses the warehouses to help make meals and it makes up to 4 meals and it makes 4-8 servings depending on the dish. There are meat dishes, sweets, appetizers, and breakfast.

More Don't Panic Dinner's in the Freezer: This book makes nice dishes that even some picky eaters would eat except my son but we all know that is because he's vegetarian. There are veggie meals too in this book as well. I really like this book that I have copied alot of the recipes and now I own a copy.

Once A Month Cooking & Family Favorites: I got these for a steal at Barnes and Nobles. we love the Smothered Burritos! A must buy for getting involved in freezer meals! They have it split up into two week menus and one month menus. I got mine in the bargain book section for about 5$ each and you can use coupons if you have them, and if you don't have the paper ones on you pull it up on your smart phone and they will scan them there in the store HOW frigging cool!

I hope to add more books as I review them and some of the recipes too. I hope this helps us all to become budget friendly cooks and have ready meals without all the salt and preservatives that you find in the freezer section of the food stores.


Perfect Housewife....Tips to Be a Domestic Godess AKA: PHWDG

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                                                       And Yes I borrowed this from them

 With Sooooo many pages on face book it's so hard to find one that has great advice for any domestic diva/ goddess in training. Well have I found the page for you!

 Lets look at all the wonderful things this page has, shall we????

  1) Humor: You can't be a super diva/goddess without it, it's a way to get around the DH, DS, and    even DD and in laws.

2) Tips: We all need these whether it's cleaning, baking, cooking, kids, or what not they have them like getting getting gum out of a car...and Yes i bet you've been there too!

3) Blogs: Who doesn't have one...I mean your reading mine right? Well this page introduces you to cooking, cleaning, baking, sewing and more domestic diva/goddess blogs and you don't need to google them WOO HOO!

4) Notes: She has notes to show that we aren't the only ones who's hubby's leaves food here and there and clothes on the floor and etc. and the scream and make a mess. Oh yeah and that's it's OK to leave some things not cleaned and you can get to them tomorrow!

5) Recipes: We all love recipes whether it's from cooking to homemade cleaners we all LOVEEE recipes and well she has them on the wall and in the notes tab.

6) Check it out on face book...here is the link what are you waiting for? http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Perfect-Housewife-Tips-To-Be-A-Domestic-Godess/192310132888?sk=wall


Free Vacation...hahah made you read!

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Ahhh something about the smell and the adventure of a good read. I've been to Athens and France. Cost of my ticket??? The cost of the book I read!

Books are great and can take you anywhere you like to go. Why spend the money when most the countries I read about right now are under direst?

There are so many genera's to read from here is a small break down of my faves!

Historical Fiction: You learn about the characters involved with major historical events. It gives you a better understanding about the main characters and what was going during that time.

Fiction: These are fantastic works of reading. You can be taken to outer space and beyond. This is a great way to let your mind just get lost or wonder if things like that can happen or will in the future.

Arts & Crafts and Cookbooks: These books help one to further or discover a new craft or project for just about anything from woodworking to needlepoint. Cookbooks well those are my faves there is always some new recipe to try or help you lose weight.

Self help: These books are a good resource if you want to lose weight, understand your dreams and more. There are alot of books written by doctors and even some famous people to help with particular subjects.

Non-Fiction: These are autobiographies and more. This more for these of us readers that want the straight facts about certain people or times in history. Non-fiction is also used in research papers and reports.

Religion: This section is as complex as the bible it's self. You can learn about so many different religions and ways to help you study the bible and more. It's a very huge section in most book stores.

As you can see there are many categories of books but they all serve a purpose to help one expand the world outside their door, well expand their knowledge of many subjects. Books can take you anywhere you want to go all you need to do is go to the local library and check out a Good Book to go where you have never been before....a new adventure without ever leaving your house, well except to get the book.

Happy reading!


Cleaning zones

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This cane from another fellow blogger at blogspot.

So here we go another cleaning routine to try and use that I got from a facebook group called sparkling home...check it out here: Sparkling Home.

There are a great set of ladies in the group and documents to help guide/prompt you to get things done, instead of playing on facebook like the rest of use do...hahah

The Zones are broken up into colors and days.

Yellow: Everyday   Green: Monday      Blue: Tuesday     Orange: Wendesday
Red: Thursday       Pink: Friday

I changed my colors cos we all know I don't do pink unless it's the singer and I'm rocking it out on my MP3 player while cleaning :)

Mine are: Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Red, Purple

Sooo trying to figure out what each of these Zone has in store? Well I will post the orginal but remember with anything you MUST tweak it to suit your family and your needs. My needs are wayyyy different than yours. As they say in the Pirates of the Carribean they are more like guidelines anyway!

Yellow: 1. Do ONE load of laundry  2. Dishes   3. Wipe Counters  4. Make Beds
5. Sweep Common Areas  6. Water Plants 7. Plan Dinner
 Ok...how is mine different? I don't have number 6 & number 7. I plan my dinner menu weekly so I know what I am having.

Green: 1. Change Sheets  2. Wipe down table and chairs (legs too)
3. Sweep front porch  4. Clean Bathrooms  5. Organize Cupboards  6. Dust Blinds
Ok my green is the same except for 5 is just organize. I have my household binder, a medical binder, and kitchen binder and well papers need to be out in their homes...right?

Blue: 1. Mop Kitchen 2. Clean Pet areas 3. Wipe down outlets and light switches
4. Clean out oven  5. Straighten up linen closet
Ok my blue is same except I mop all my floors because we have an open floor plan.  I have 1 pet area to clean. I also wipe down appliances because my house doesn't have a linen closet.

Orange: 1. Dust Furnatures and Window Sills  2. Wipe down Kitchen Apliances
3. Clean out Microwave  4. Dust Door Frames  5. Straighten up coat Closet
My orange is same...no differences on this one.

Red: 1. Refrigerator  2. clean Baseboards 3. Clean bathrooms
4. Straighten up Bedroom Closets  5. Clean Laundry Room 6. Vacuum Carpets
My Red is the same till we get to the carpets...I have hardwood fake me out flooring aka wood laminate. So for that my number 6 is I empty all the trashcans in every room.

Pink: 1. Wash Windows  2. Straighten up Drawers  3. Mop anywhere not the kitchen
4. Wash Doors  5. Clean Light Fixtures 6. Clean up Kids school work areas
My pink is purple and I am constantly having to mop (I might have to make that a yellow chore). Everything else is the same except for number 6. My son is not in school and won't be till aug. of this year (Thank you GOD!). So for that I have organize my pantry which really needs it!

So now you have my zones in a nutshell. I need to redo them where they can better be seen and I likeing that big dry erase board I am thinking I might have to look into. I have papers on the fridge and then there is the calender on the wall too. So if I can have big command station I thing it would all work out!