Free Vacation...hahah made you read!

23 February 2011

Ahhh something about the smell and the adventure of a good read. I've been to Athens and France. Cost of my ticket??? The cost of the book I read!

Books are great and can take you anywhere you like to go. Why spend the money when most the countries I read about right now are under direst?

There are so many genera's to read from here is a small break down of my faves!

Historical Fiction: You learn about the characters involved with major historical events. It gives you a better understanding about the main characters and what was going during that time.

Fiction: These are fantastic works of reading. You can be taken to outer space and beyond. This is a great way to let your mind just get lost or wonder if things like that can happen or will in the future.

Arts & Crafts and Cookbooks: These books help one to further or discover a new craft or project for just about anything from woodworking to needlepoint. Cookbooks well those are my faves there is always some new recipe to try or help you lose weight.

Self help: These books are a good resource if you want to lose weight, understand your dreams and more. There are alot of books written by doctors and even some famous people to help with particular subjects.

Non-Fiction: These are autobiographies and more. This more for these of us readers that want the straight facts about certain people or times in history. Non-fiction is also used in research papers and reports.

Religion: This section is as complex as the bible it's self. You can learn about so many different religions and ways to help you study the bible and more. It's a very huge section in most book stores.

As you can see there are many categories of books but they all serve a purpose to help one expand the world outside their door, well expand their knowledge of many subjects. Books can take you anywhere you want to go all you need to do is go to the local library and check out a Good Book to go where you have never been before....a new adventure without ever leaving your house, well except to get the book.

Happy reading!


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