Toilet paper tube craft~ Just in time to celebrate Earth Day!

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Isn't it amazing what you can do with toilet paper tubes?

In honor of Earth Day I saw this post from another blogger and had to repost it. It's crazy beautiful and functional if you have that space on your wall that nags DECORATE ME! This craft is brought to you by Growing Up Creative...check it out.

You will need:

Toilette Paper rolls


White glue


Paint + brushes


Laundry pins/paper clips


•Crush paper roll


Cut into approximately 5 equal parts don’t have to be exact


place the rolls on a flat surface creating a desired pattern. spend time trying different compositions and patterns.

•glue where rolls are touching, hold with laundry pins to dry. You may use a stapler as an alternative, what ever is easier. I find that glue is easier for the younger kids.


•You may paint and add sparkles. Sprinkle the glitter on the wet paint, this way it will sticks and you wont need any glue.


Apparently you will have to have some sort of restraint to know when to say STOP!
All Pictures and majority of this post came from the Growing Up Creative website. There are many crafts here and it seems they are geared to kids (which is great for them rainy days). I hope you all enjoy this post and the website as well.


Storage Cubes Done Cheap!

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Aren't these too cute?

You'll need:
•5 squares of fabric for the outside of the cube--I used brown & Blue decorator's fabric

•5 squares of fabric for the inside of the cube--I used brown felt

•Interfacing to reinforce the outer fabric-optional

•Ribbon for handles--about 7-8 inches

•Supplies--scissors, rotary cutter, mat, ruler, sewing machine, thread, pins

Start by sewing the 4 sides together in a row. Next attach the bottom to each side of the cube. Then finish the cube by closing the side (brown dot to giraffe) of the cube. Attach interfacing if using. (I only did 2 sides.) Attach the handles.

Repeat the process for the interior fabric. I used brown felt for the lining for its stiffness.

Sew the interior and exterior fabrics together, right sides together. Attach on three and a half sides, leaving an opening to turn. Turn the cube right side out, press and top stitch.

This tutorial came from one of the members of the susie homemaker group. All the information and pictures belong to her. I had to share her idea...her screename is

SanDiegoMaxMom. Glad I could share this with you all, since it's a great way to use scraps of fabric into something useful.

Reduce Reuse Recycle....Bob the builder :)


Home Budgeting...Putting that tax money to good use

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      Insane ain't it???

The world is mesmerized by money. A rack full of newspapers and magazines and a truckload of newsletters devote themselves entirely to chronicling the use and abuse of money. Cable TV beams money-related programming day and night. The Internet is jammed with money-minded Web sites. Money is a top-ten topic of family conversation, too.

Considering that the subject occupies so much of our time and attention, isn't it amazing that so many people have barely a clue about how to handle their own money? Amazing maybe, but no mystery: Americans typically manage to navigate 12, 16 or more years of very fine formal education without ever learning how to balance a checkbook, size up a stock or resist a fast-talking salesman of bad financial ideas. So here are the basics of money management, from setting goals to budgeting to figuring out your net worth. - Find out what you own and what you owe, then track where your money goes. - Take the time to find out where your money is going on a day-to-day basis. -
Think of your budget as a means of setting and reaching your goals. Here's help to get you started. - Dwindling savings and more debt are warning signs of a leaky budget. Find out how to keep spending under control and keep costs down. - If you start picking up distress signals, run your budget through these checks. - The most important step toward financial security is to translate it into your own terms.

I do hope these links help you as much as I hope it helps me. I got this great post from a cafemom group called susie can check the group out here cafemom is free to join and there are tons of groups to join.


Mail holder/ organizer with links

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Makes you want to make one too huh???

 If your like me you have mail on the counters the dinning table and everything is a mess and then I can't find what I am looking for and I want my house to be alot more organized too. Come on admit it you most likely have the same issue...counters, tables and more are catch alls and  there is no home for all the paper we get in the mail.

This lovely picture came from another blogspot blogger and she did an awesome job using wood about recycling and reusing something. I will be posting  all the great links that you can use to make your own mail holder, whether its  sewing, wood or other we can all use a mail holder! there are 27 projects on this link...I must say I really like tipnut they have tons of projects to do

I hope you all enjoy this and plan to add more from great links on the web!


Make Custom Color Chalkboard Paint...Via Martha Stewart Kids

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                                                   Borrowed from the Craft Queen MS

Now you see that chalkboard paint in the stores and it's this tiny little can or about enough paint to barely fill a pint jar....we all know we can make our own and the store brand only comes in color...BLACK.

Well never fear the craft queen Martha Stewart has saved us $$$$$ and gives directions on how to make this cool craft paint our selves. Thank you Martha Stewart!

Ok this recipe and all pictures used in this blog post Are from the Martha Stewart site. I can't take any credit and nor shall I and at the end of the tutorial there will be a link to the site so you can see what other kid crafts she has. Enjoy!

Custom Colors How-To

Start with flat-finish latex paint in any shade. For small areas, such as a door panel, mix 1 cup at a time.

1. Pour 1 cup of paint into a container. Add 2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout. Mix with a paint stirrer, carefully breaking up clumps.

2. Apply paint with a roller or a sponge paintbrush to a primed or painted surface. Work in small sections, going over the same spot several times to ensure full, even coverage. Let dry.

3. Smooth area with 150-grit sandpaper, and wipe off dust.

4. To condition: Rub the side of a piece of chalk over entire surface. Wipe away residue with a barely damp sponge.



Vinegar cleaning recipes

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Lovely isn't it?

 Vinegar pee yew pee yew, but you clean so well you do, you do....ok enough of the rhyming and onto the grime and cleaning with vinegar!

There are so many recipes for this great product and if you can't handle the smell it's ok it tends to fade away after a few minutes or you can add essential oils to make it smell sooo much better.

Vinegar is also cheaper than those commerical cleaners and better for the environment too. I never head of anyone being allergic to vinegar also....just a hint!

Did you know that vinegar can kill most molds, bacteria and germs due to it's high acidic nature? Cool huh and better than that the smell of bleach but I like the smell of bleach makes think of clean but with little ones I need to use vinegar mostly.

So here is where I post the links and here I shall...enjoy the recipes and tips that I have found for you and know that these sights are good because I would never link a dangerous site unless I didn't know and these are also non spam sites too....Gotta love a blogger that does the dirty (pun) work for you! this has recipes too for one to use...gotta love recipes more recipes to use for cleaning :) 400 recipes and tips for vinegar how awesome!


Vinegar & Oil: More Than 1001 Natural Remedies, Home Cures, Tips, Household Hints and Recipes, With 700 Photographs [Book] by Bridget Jones, Michelle (PHT) Garrett in Books

Vinegar by Vicki Lansky There are 400 recipes and tips in this book

Heinz Vinegar: Over 100 Helpful Household Hints

The Naturally Clean Home: 150 Super-Easy Herbal Formulas for Green Cleaning by Karyn Siegel-Maier

Happy cleaning everyone :)


Once A Month Cooking UPDATE

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                                                           And I wish it was this neat!

 So I did try the whole the month worth the meals...the answer I got back was FAILURE! But in a good way. I ran out of room in stand up freezer...hahahh

I had 2 pans of lasagna...which by the way we ate one pan and it was delish :) and one meal actually end up making to meals and there were still meals in the freezer from two weeks ago so I guess I will only be two week sessions and go from there.

There are some good books that have checked out from the library and I actually had bought thanks to one of the Borders books stores going out of business here in Washington.

Fix Freeze Feast: This book uses the warehouses to help make meals and it makes up to 4 meals and it makes 4-8 servings depending on the dish. There are meat dishes, sweets, appetizers, and breakfast.

More Don't Panic Dinner's in the Freezer: This book makes nice dishes that even some picky eaters would eat except my son but we all know that is because he's vegetarian. There are veggie meals too in this book as well. I really like this book that I have copied alot of the recipes and now I own a copy.

Once A Month Cooking & Family Favorites: I got these for a steal at Barnes and Nobles. we love the Smothered Burritos! A must buy for getting involved in freezer meals! They have it split up into two week menus and one month menus. I got mine in the bargain book section for about 5$ each and you can use coupons if you have them, and if you don't have the paper ones on you pull it up on your smart phone and they will scan them there in the store HOW frigging cool!

I hope to add more books as I review them and some of the recipes too. I hope this helps us all to become budget friendly cooks and have ready meals without all the salt and preservatives that you find in the freezer section of the food stores.


Perfect Housewife....Tips to Be a Domestic Godess AKA: PHWDG

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                                                       And Yes I borrowed this from them

 With Sooooo many pages on face book it's so hard to find one that has great advice for any domestic diva/ goddess in training. Well have I found the page for you!

 Lets look at all the wonderful things this page has, shall we????

  1) Humor: You can't be a super diva/goddess without it, it's a way to get around the DH, DS, and    even DD and in laws.

2) Tips: We all need these whether it's cleaning, baking, cooking, kids, or what not they have them like getting getting gum out of a car...and Yes i bet you've been there too!

3) Blogs: Who doesn't have one...I mean your reading mine right? Well this page introduces you to cooking, cleaning, baking, sewing and more domestic diva/goddess blogs and you don't need to google them WOO HOO!

4) Notes: She has notes to show that we aren't the only ones who's hubby's leaves food here and there and clothes on the floor and etc. and the scream and make a mess. Oh yeah and that's it's OK to leave some things not cleaned and you can get to them tomorrow!

5) Recipes: We all love recipes whether it's from cooking to homemade cleaners we all LOVEEE recipes and well she has them on the wall and in the notes tab.

6) Check it out on face is the link what are you waiting for?!/pages/Perfect-Housewife-Tips-To-Be-A-Domestic-Godess/192310132888?sk=wall