Mail holder/ organizer with links

2:35 PM Rachel Adams 0 Comments

Makes you want to make one too huh???

 If your like me you have mail on the counters the dinning table and everything is a mess and then I can't find what I am looking for and I want my house to be alot more organized too. Come on admit it you most likely have the same issue...counters, tables and more are catch alls and  there is no home for all the paper we get in the mail.

This lovely picture came from another blogspot blogger and she did an awesome job using wood about recycling and reusing something. I will be posting  all the great links that you can use to make your own mail holder, whether its  sewing, wood or other we can all use a mail holder! there are 27 projects on this link...I must say I really like tipnut they have tons of projects to do

I hope you all enjoy this and plan to add more from great links on the web!