Perfect Housewife....Tips to Be a Domestic Godess AKA: PHWDG

12:29 PM Rachel Adams 2 Comments

                                                       And Yes I borrowed this from them

 With Sooooo many pages on face book it's so hard to find one that has great advice for any domestic diva/ goddess in training. Well have I found the page for you!

 Lets look at all the wonderful things this page has, shall we????

  1) Humor: You can't be a super diva/goddess without it, it's a way to get around the DH, DS, and    even DD and in laws.

2) Tips: We all need these whether it's cleaning, baking, cooking, kids, or what not they have them like getting getting gum out of a car...and Yes i bet you've been there too!

3) Blogs: Who doesn't have one...I mean your reading mine right? Well this page introduces you to cooking, cleaning, baking, sewing and more domestic diva/goddess blogs and you don't need to google them WOO HOO!

4) Notes: She has notes to show that we aren't the only ones who's hubby's leaves food here and there and clothes on the floor and etc. and the scream and make a mess. Oh yeah and that's it's OK to leave some things not cleaned and you can get to them tomorrow!

5) Recipes: We all love recipes whether it's from cooking to homemade cleaners we all LOVEEE recipes and well she has them on the wall and in the notes tab.

6) Check it out on face is the link what are you waiting for?!/pages/Perfect-Housewife-Tips-To-Be-A-Domestic-Godess/192310132888?sk=wall


  1. Wow. Thanks<3
    I love your blog and the layout and colors are so cozy and inviting. I'm catching up on your past posts now:)

  2. Thank You so much I am hoping to add more great information for home makers on blog such as homemade spices so one isn't spending a fortune buying mccomik and controlling all that salt and MSG...keep an eye out!