Sewing Bug

11:41 AM Rachel Adams 0 Comments

                                              Borrowed from another blogger Loved it pic.

Well the I've got it bad the sewing bug. How did it start??? All because the inspiration from dresscue me. I watch this show and go I can do that or I can do that...maybe not the bias stitch to much but I bet I can learn to do it. Well with that going on I figured I'd find some cool places and place my links here for you and me to come back to. Plus all the patterns are FREE! Lots of free patterns and some with tutorials too! very cute projects tons of free project ideas more free projects and I think you can search for other projects. my all time fave quilting pattern site! They have tons of patterns for any level of quilting you might be at, give em a try you might be surprised at what you can do.

I hope you enjoy these links and I can't wait to start sewing some of these to help give my home color and keep me if I am not busy enough. Happy sewing!