Stressed out

2:46 PM Rachel Adams 0 Comments

So it's been so crazy in the house of late that all my blogs have been effected. I am so sorry. Between surgeries, strep ( 2 cases) and sick baby I feel like my picture I posted.

I do hope to add more content to my blogs and please forgive me for being absent of late and not having any new content of late.

Since school is starting I will hopefully have some good resources for all our school kiddies and I am excited since it's my son's first time going to school. I will also contact a very good friend of mine that does homeschooling and see what see recommends as good sites for all you home schooling mommas out there.

Please let me know what you all are looking for and I will try my savy best to see what I can find to help you all out. Thanks for understanding that life happens and sometimes it's in my control and Lord knows most the time it's in his.