Back to School and I'm a little late

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I know that this late and I am sorry but it's been kinda hectic here with illnesses and having g/j tubes changed and more medical stuff AHHH...but thank god that school has started and as promised I have links tons of them!

I got most my links from good friend Polly Morris who is a rocking homeschooling military wife and one of the best mommas I know. I do hope to get her to publish some homeschooling articles for all you out there that need good reliable sources of education for your little ones.

So here are the links as promised!

Full Cirriculums

(ATI is the program used by the Duggars. Quite a few of these, Son light for example, have several different curriculum programs to choose from)

Other informative sites:

The Home school Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has the state by state requirements needed to legally home school children in that state. These are also the people you need to turn to if any district or state tries to give you grief about your choice to home school.

Lesson Plans:

Online Public Schools:

(Note: Not all states endorse online public school, make sure to check the websites to make sure your state is on their list BEFORE you enroll. There are also different programs that specific states offer. The state board of education will best be able to tell you what's available for this option in your specific state. Also lots of online universities offer online high school programs. )

Best free worksheet websites:
I do hope this helps first time home schoolers and even you advancers who are looking for more resources on the web.