Loose Tooth Adventure

22 November 2011
                                                         This is from mmmcrafts blog.

So today my son who is 5 years old lost his first tooth. This en-turn comes out to be a craft adventure with the discussion on why we lose our baby teeth and who the tooth fairy is and what she does. It's a very looong discussion with a 5 year old!

Son: Mom my tooth is wiggly
Me: Let me see, Wow it is loose. Quit playing with it, so you don't lose it.
About an hour later...I think?

Son: Mom, Mom, my tooth my tooth
Me: I told you not to play with it, you want me too pull it out, or pawpaw?
Son: with tears streaming down his face, no mom you do it.
Me: why me?Trying not to laugh...
Son: Because I love you!
Me: Let me get pawpaw to help me.

Another hour later....or so it seems!

1...2...3 out comes the tooth.

Now for the fun part of pulling out fabric, quilt batting, sewing machine and ribbon. So the discussion with a 5 year old on fabric choices was great. It ended up being happy bees flying in the sky. The tooth pillow has 2 types of blue ribbons, and a pocket that had to be there and where he wanted it. Then further discussion on the tooth fairy and how she knows about him losing his tooth and where will it be and can she find it.

So about 2 hours later or so it seems, we had the pattern printed, fabric cut out, quilt batting cut out, sewing machine set up and all. Son is right there watching me do everything falling in love with the quilt batting (note to self...HIDE the batting), pinning, then sewing, ribbon picking and all.

Then it was story time with daddy. Reading the thanksgiving story as he is telling us about his tooth and how he loves the tooth fairy...as you can tell he's really a sensitive child. I finish the tooth fairy pillow, hang it in his room show him where his tooth is in the pocket.

So I hang it on his dresser with an office clip and listen to him tell me that he can't close his eyes in the dark cos he's waiting for the tooth fairy. I go in as any parent would took the tooth and put his cash in the pocket of the tooth pillow. I had to try soooo hard not to laugh cos there he was asleep sitting up waiting for the tooth fairy.

I am so glad that I got to share this with him. I love these little moments with my son. They grow up so fast! I hope you enjoy this small moment of non-chaos.


Great craft site and freebie patterns too!

With this we give our thanks

18 November 2011

This year lets give our thanks to the men and women of the armed forces. They are fighting everyday to defend us and this great country we call AMERICA. 

We must also remember to thank our veterans and the families that are left behind by the service members to do a job that doesn't pay much and can include paying with there lives.

We give thanks to you our brave men and women for the sacrifices you make by performing a selfless act.

We give thanks to our families cos Lord knows they put up with enough of shenanigans till we have children of our own. And Yes mom was RIGHT children are the paybacks for all the horrible things we did to them growing up...I still love my kids!

I give thanks to everyone who stops by to my corner of the blogosphere world. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my little household blog. 

Thanksgiving and kids

03 November 2011

Ahhh the smells of thanksgiving and the never ending mom, mom, mom, MOM calling. What to do when you need to cook dinner and your little ones are driving you nuts? Give them crafts to do. Keep those little hands preoccupied while you get that master piece of a thanksgiving dinner done, and be sure to have other adults help when the time comes for something to be glued or cut.






Hope that you and your kiddos enjoy these crafts as well and it lets Mom finish baking that meal that every one loves.

Budget Friendly Meals Not to Break The Bank....

01 November 2011

With the economy being so bad I figured it's time that we all try to help each other with budget friendly meals that won't break the bank. The problem is you can scour the internet for recipes that look super yummy but are chock full of fat and salt, which is not good for you.

I have checked the sites out myself and love how some of them break down the ingredients to show you the cost, which can vary from state to state and grocery store to grocery store. Remember buy what you need and make the rest if you can. There are some really good sites to make your own seasoning mixes and more which I will also provide the link for that site as well.

So here the links are for budget friendly meals:









Make your own mixes:

 Has every kind of mix you can think of, soups, drinks, seasonings, cakes in a mug and more!