New Year and time to gutt things through out the month!

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Well it's a new New year coming upon us and what is planned for 2013? Why decluttering my house! I am so tired of things everywhere that the following falls into place A) we don't use it or B) We don't need it.

So starting in January I am going to declutter each room of my house and see about getting DH to help me (more like build me) some things to help keep this house organized and get rid of what we don't need with the exception of my beautiful angel Caitlyn's things I can't quite give that up yet. But to be honest everything else needs to leave my house and how.

So here is a link or two to help me with my project! There are lots of great resources on pinterest to help get one motivated!



Hot Pad Tutorial

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Here is the one I made...just love the fabric

I got so tired of using my pot holders to put all my hot right out of the oven meals on them, I knew there had to be a better way of doing things. So of course I went to Pinterest and started scouring the sites.

Sadly there was nothing there that I liked and then googled how to make hot pads/ fabric trivets and found this awesome so easy tutorial to make these awesome hot pads. I will warn you though Insul-Bright is a pain in the butt to find, but I do know that Jo Ann Fabrics has it for 7.99$ a yard.

So with that said and done here is the link from Sew4Home and how to make this very easy hotpad that I love so much and it's awesome!

Enjoy and please feel free to post the ones you have made...oh I forgot to mention that these make great Christmas presents for that foodie in your life!

Oh you must use fabric that is 100% cotton...because the Insul-Bright absorbs and reflects the heat from the hot pad back to the dish. Happy sewing!


Kids Chore Chart

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Well here in the Adams household we are gearing up for school...YEAH! So with my son being in cub scouts and 6 years old it's time to learn some responsibility and hence why in a couple of days his new chore chart will be created.

I know that there are some things he won't be able to do quite yet and there are some things he can do. So I am creating a chart kinda like the one above but with frogs and more chores than what is mentioned on the chart.

I am going to add a morning routine for him to help get him ready for school. There will be a reward for each pay period that ds accomplishes if he wants to forgo his reward he can get a big reward at the end of the month.

Once I have the chart done I will post a picture of it here for all of you too see and I will also update if it works or not.


Command Center for Organizing

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                                                         Looks cool huh?

Scouring the internet and pinterest and more I saw this. What is it, how do I use and most of all how the heck can make it. Don't worry all I have the answers to your questions and the tutorial from a fellow blogger at Girl Loves Glam. So here goes the answers to your questions and of course the best part the link to the tutorial! 

What is a command center? It's the go station in your home that has everyone's information, such as schedules, chores and homework cubbies.

How do I use it? I have a 4 month dry erase calender that has all my hubby's appoints, my appointments, FRG meetings, Cub scout events/meetings on it. This way there is no conflict of what's going on and on what day, plus it's color coded for each person.

How do I make it? Ahh and this is where the tutorial from Girl Loves Glam comes in. she not only shows you how to make it, but even gives you printables to use for your super command center. the best thing to do is make it simple so that everyone can use it, and place it where everyone will see it and use it as well. Dry erase is the best option cos no one wants something that's permanent and living in military housing it's a major no-no anyway.

Now for the link...please be sure to let her know that I sent you all her way!


Crazyiness that is me currently

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Wow I'm so be hind on this blog and for that I am so sorry. It's been so busy of late and I'm sure you Mom's and other women out there can understand. I have been trying to do the do following for my house.

Household ideas:

Creating a communication hub: I have a 4 month calendar that lets me put all the activities up, doctors appointments, cub scout meetings, and my FRG responsibilities as well. It's still a work in progress but it's coming along slowly.

I've been planing and organizing how both my binders for FRG and Cub Scouts are looking and the information that is being added to it. Which to be honest there is alot of information for me and the boys! 

Hubby just hung 2 of my crates in the kitchen for my Gooseberry Patch Cook Books. I'll be honest I love these cookbooks, but I also have 60+ of them and we could only hang 2 of them cos well one has a crack on it and the other one has a very weak back to it so I will have to figure some where else for them. 

I also plan on turning the back room of my house into a guest/ craft room for all my scrapbook stuff. It will take time but I hope to get it done.

I am also going to look at a chore chart for my son so he can take on more responsibility and gain more independence and help him thrive in the scouts.

So as you can see it's been crazy in the house with so much going there isn't much getting done in the house. But each day I will achieve what I need to get done and hope to post pictures along the way. 


Household Management Applictions for Ipads, android phones and more

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                                                       Borrowed from

 Have you ever tried looking for application for your smart device or Ipad/Ipod and gone nuts trying to figure out what's the best application for you...your not alone there are so many out there that so many things.

I know from some of my Facebook groups the most talked about household management application they mention is Motivated Mom. It's the app to help you do your chores, clean and organized in your home and it's a daily app that notifies you of what needs to be done.

You have all the tasks planned out for the year, you can check off what you accomplished, and more. It's currently a paid for app and unfortunately it's only available currently on the Ipad/Iphone. Hoping that they come out with an option for the android phone and black berry.

For all you android users there is an app that is almost like your personal assistant. It's called Astrid. There is a way to sync it to your table and best feature is that you can send your lists to others in your contact list that are helping you with a project. Bonus is it's FREE! It's been downloaded many times and another great feature is that application lets know if something is done someone that you delegate a task to.


Its that time again...Gardening Time!

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Not my garden but an idea of it!

To keep myself busy and occupied with things we have turned the raised garden bed over for beginning of growing super yummy veggies during the spring and summer months here in Washington...which also means I need to buy more cans (jars) for canning up all these veggies.

Last year we had squash, strawberries, peas, green and wax beans, potatoes, spinach and spring salad mix. I had a great harvest and now we are growing some of the same things again and some new things with pallet garden beds to expand the garden. Here on post we are limited on space and what you can grow...basically NO corn :(

So this year we are doing squash, pickling cucumbers (they didn't do well last year), broccoli, cabbage, strawberries (again), tomatoes, spinach, spring salad mix, peas, wax beans, green beans, watermelon (personal size), and in the front a butterfly garden memorial garden for my Caitlyn. I want her to know she's not forgotten.

We love living off the land even if it's a raised garden and the bonus is having pallet garden beds to expand the raised garden bed we already have...the pallets are free and we are using the heat treated ones...they say HT on them to help with icky bugs and such. There are many resources on pintrest that you can see on how to make pallet gardens or heck many things with pallets. Hubby is also making me a garden workbench out of a pallet for me.

My father in law and I law are going to make a fake picket fence out of pallets for the butterfly garden in the front yard. We are going to cut them in half and I am going to paint them white and go from there. I can't wait to post pictures of all the work in progress and the finish projects too!


Crazy and sad the day I had to say goodbye to Caitlyn Ember Adams

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This is my Caitlyn. She was the strongest fighter that I know of and we sadly lost the battle with RSV on Feb. 6, 2012.

Caitlyn was born January 23, 2009 and was diagnosed 2 weeks later as Trisomy 18. As you can believe that hearing that and then being told your only little girl who was just born was going to die in 2 weeks to 2 months! What a way to approach things to parents....but that was just the start of the adventure that was going to take 3 years.

Caitlyn was then diagnosed with a VSD (a type of hole in the heart), a PDA ( where one part of the heart didn't close off), and an ASD (another type of hole in the heart). It was pain staking to get it fixed! I had argued with cardiologist, cardiac surgeons and more!

With hubby being Active Duty Army, the military base that we were at couldn't medically help our Caitlyn so we had to move and we moved to Virginia. I didn't see it then as I see it now but I think we were meant to be going there.

We made great friends with the doctors at Bethesda, not such a great time at Walter Reed, Awesome surgeon at Children's Hospital in DC. Caitlyn spent a good deal of time in and out of Children's Hospital. Dr. Richard Jonas who saw pass the Trismoy 18 diagnose and was glad to fix my Caitlyn's heart. 

September 30 of 2009 Caitlyn had undergone open heart surgery to repair the VSD and close off the PDA. By this time my little girl was 8 months old but the size of a new born. She made it through open heart surgery like a champ. In that time Dr. Jonas became my first contact in a long line of doctors to help other Trisomy 18 children.

Caitlyn began to gain weight and thrive (even though the medical community thought her to be incompatible with life). Caitlyn had ultrasounds done, cardiographs, echo-cardiographs, blood work, in and out of the hospital during our stay in Virginia. We met one other Trisomy 18 kiddo in Virginia. It was great there for a 1 year.

We got orders to Washington State and that is what led us to the end. We moved here in 2010 and Caitlyn had spent more time in the hospital here than when we lived in Kansas and Virgina combined. After thanksgiving of 2011 My Caitlyn had to have and emergency tracheotomy done Dec. 3rd of 2011 her SPo2 was in the 40%...not good! She was then life flighted to Children's in Seattle.

I then Meet Dr. Fallot who I found later is a LT. Col. in the Army at the same base hubby stationed to. Small world huh? He helped us get everything and anything we could ever want for Caitlyn medically. No fight, some tears and just love. Simply put just love; no chromosomal defects, no fighting, no screaming, no calling people to get things done....just simply put: Just love!

In this time after she was discharged with a trache, a g tube that eventually became a g/j tube, some tracheistis issues, some pneumonia stays, and then MRSA and lastly of all the things in the world RSV. Caitlyn had pulmonary hypertension because of her heart and well RSV and PH don't go hand in hand.

On February 6th 2012 after she had just turned 3 years old my Caitlyn took her last breath and became an angel. Daddy was deployed and didn't make it home in time to say good bye to our little warrior princess. I held her till her little heart stopped. On the day my heart dropped and has been missing my baby girl since.