Crazyiness that is me currently

20 July 2012

Wow I'm so be hind on this blog and for that I am so sorry. It's been so busy of late and I'm sure you Mom's and other women out there can understand. I have been trying to do the do following for my house.

Household ideas:

Creating a communication hub: I have a 4 month calendar that lets me put all the activities up, doctors appointments, cub scout meetings, and my FRG responsibilities as well. It's still a work in progress but it's coming along slowly.

I've been planing and organizing how both my binders for FRG and Cub Scouts are looking and the information that is being added to it. Which to be honest there is alot of information for me and the boys! 

Hubby just hung 2 of my crates in the kitchen for my Gooseberry Patch Cook Books. I'll be honest I love these cookbooks, but I also have 60+ of them and we could only hang 2 of them cos well one has a crack on it and the other one has a very weak back to it so I will have to figure some where else for them. 

I also plan on turning the back room of my house into a guest/ craft room for all my scrapbook stuff. It will take time but I hope to get it done.

I am also going to look at a chore chart for my son so he can take on more responsibility and gain more independence and help him thrive in the scouts.

So as you can see it's been crazy in the house with so much going there isn't much getting done in the house. But each day I will achieve what I need to get done and hope to post pictures along the way.