Kids Chore Chart

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Well here in the Adams household we are gearing up for school...YEAH! So with my son being in cub scouts and 6 years old it's time to learn some responsibility and hence why in a couple of days his new chore chart will be created.

I know that there are some things he won't be able to do quite yet and there are some things he can do. So I am creating a chart kinda like the one above but with frogs and more chores than what is mentioned on the chart.

I am going to add a morning routine for him to help get him ready for school. There will be a reward for each pay period that ds accomplishes if he wants to forgo his reward he can get a big reward at the end of the month.

Once I have the chart done I will post a picture of it here for all of you too see and I will also update if it works or not.


Command Center for Organizing

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                                                         Looks cool huh?

Scouring the internet and pinterest and more I saw this. What is it, how do I use and most of all how the heck can make it. Don't worry all I have the answers to your questions and the tutorial from a fellow blogger at Girl Loves Glam. So here goes the answers to your questions and of course the best part the link to the tutorial! 

What is a command center? It's the go station in your home that has everyone's information, such as schedules, chores and homework cubbies.

How do I use it? I have a 4 month dry erase calender that has all my hubby's appoints, my appointments, FRG meetings, Cub scout events/meetings on it. This way there is no conflict of what's going on and on what day, plus it's color coded for each person.

How do I make it? Ahh and this is where the tutorial from Girl Loves Glam comes in. she not only shows you how to make it, but even gives you printables to use for your super command center. the best thing to do is make it simple so that everyone can use it, and place it where everyone will see it and use it as well. Dry erase is the best option cos no one wants something that's permanent and living in military housing it's a major no-no anyway.

Now for the link...please be sure to let her know that I sent you all her way!