Kids Chore Chart

28 August 2012

Well here in the Adams household we are gearing up for school...YEAH! So with my son being in cub scouts and 6 years old it's time to learn some responsibility and hence why in a couple of days his new chore chart will be created.

I know that there are some things he won't be able to do quite yet and there are some things he can do. So I am creating a chart kinda like the one above but with frogs and more chores than what is mentioned on the chart.

I am going to add a morning routine for him to help get him ready for school. There will be a reward for each pay period that ds accomplishes if he wants to forgo his reward he can get a big reward at the end of the month.

Once I have the chart done I will post a picture of it here for all of you too see and I will also update if it works or not.


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