Household Management Applictions for Ipads, android phones and more

07 June 2012
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 Have you ever tried looking for application for your smart device or Ipad/Ipod and gone nuts trying to figure out what's the best application for you...your not alone there are so many out there that so many things.

I know from some of my Facebook groups the most talked about household management application they mention is Motivated Mom. It's the app to help you do your chores, clean and organized in your home and it's a daily app that notifies you of what needs to be done.

You have all the tasks planned out for the year, you can check off what you accomplished, and more. It's currently a paid for app and unfortunately it's only available currently on the Ipad/Iphone. Hoping that they come out with an option for the android phone and black berry.

For all you android users there is an app that is almost like your personal assistant. It's called Astrid. There is a way to sync it to your table and best feature is that you can send your lists to others in your contact list that are helping you with a project. Bonus is it's FREE! It's been downloaded many times and another great feature is that application lets know if something is done someone that you delegate a task to.