The Gruffalo for the virtual book club book of the month

3:20 PM Rachel Adams 2 Comments

Well tomorrow we will be reading The Gruffalo for Family Fun Night. I found all kinds of great activities and yummy foods to go with the theme.

I made dirt cups to represent the snake in the book. I have bourbon chicken to represent the fox (roasted fox), and for the owl honey bbq wings. Then there is chocolate covered raisins to represent the mouse (mouse poop). My son is super excited about tomorrow.

I will post pictures of the meal, and some of the activities that we have planned such as finger puppets for my son to act the book out as I read it to him and then we will watch the movie.  I will see about finding the printable activities and the links that go with them. 

I am so excited about tomorrow I don't know who is more excited me, my son or my hubby!


  1. What cute ideas for the meal! My kids would love something like that.

  2. Lorie K I tried to make it simple foods to go with the book and my son loved everything. He was so excited about family fun night! This Saturday we are doing candy land :)