Virtual Book Club for Kids

06 March 2013

 Super excited about this for my son! Each month there is a new author to read from and coordinating activities and this goes great with the newest post about Family Fun night!

So on March 18, 2013 the author is Author Julia Donaldson. My son loved the book the Gruffalo alot! There are many books she's done and I will probably check out 2-3 of these books read them first and then theme the meal and snacks according to the books I get.

I am super excited to not only share this idea with you all but at the same we can teach our children the fine appreciation of reading and help them remember the fun things we did with them so when they have children the tradition gets passed on.

To see other works by Julia Donaldson I will be enclosing a link to amazon so you too may join the fun. Happy Family Fun Night!

Julia Donaldson 


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