My 3rd adventure from Pinterest Land... Make Ahead Freezer Smoothies

30 April 2013
This picture belongs solely to Angela from her blog The Coupon Project

I saw this and my immediate thought was I Can DO This! Then real life hit me in the head and my brain was like this a win or pintrosity, we will see but so far so good!

I had to buy the ice cube trays cos well  I have an auto ice maker so that kinda added to my cost. I have to say I love these smoothies but I hate paying the cost of them. So with out further ado here is the recipe and a a picture of how my yogurt cubes looked. Once I actually try the finished product  I will post an update of this adventure from my Pinterest board.


Yogurt (I used a 32 tub to save on cost)
Frozen or Fresh Fruit
Freezer Bags
Ice Cube Trays
Orange Juice, Milk, or Non-Dairy Milk

In each freezer bag, you are going to place 1/2 cup fruit (fresh or frozen) and 1/2 banana, I did peaches and mangoes cos well I was craving mangoes and they are pretty darn yummy with bananas and yogurt! After your yogurt cubes are frozen, you’ll add about 5 to each baggie. If they were big like mine then you'll do about 4 of them.

When you are ready to make your smoothie, you will empty the contents of one bag into your blender along with 1 cup of the juice/milk/nut milk beverage of your choice. You can even do 1 cup of orange or other fruit juice the ideas are limitless.


Lego desk for our son...update into Pinterestland

Here is an update from the previous post of my 2nd project from my pinterest board. I have to say I like it and it didn't cost or take as long as the source I blogged about.

The 2 3 drawer plastic storage bins cost us $17.99 each, the little mini 5 drawer holder cost $5.99 from the same store.

The wooden table top cost us nothing our neighbor gave it to us and hubby sanded it. We had the tools for that and it was a belt-sander that hubby used it took him about 45 minutes. He sanded it till it was pretty smooth well as smooth as plywood can get.

The paint we used was indoor/outdoor white latex paint. I warn you if you do this project on a beautiful day you will need sunglasses and the paint will dry faster than you can We did about 3 coats of white paint. 

Our son loves the table and hopefully soon we can get his legos sorted out and put into the drawers so he can find them easier and build more.

So with this being my second Pinterest project this one was an epic win and easy to do if you have the right materials!

New Adventures in Pinterest Land....or What works and what's a Pintrosity!

23 April 2013

OMG how I do love you pinterest! So many crafts, ideas and recipes in one place and never ever again having to remember what the heck the sight was that I found it at.

So with my adventures in Pinterest land I figured that every time that I do something from my wall I will post what I have done and did it work...who knows might save some of you from making the same mistake or further your own adventures into Pinterest land!

So the first actual pinterest adventure I had was the olive oil dispenser used instead for dish washing soap. I have to say I LOVE this idea. It worked for me. The key is not to use very thick dish washing liquid and all is right in the internet world.

The next project is the lego desk for our son. Yes as any parent can tell you I hate...I hate...I hate stepping on them and let alone trying to find a certain piece to build what ever the heck it is in my son's over active imagination. Well The below picture is what I saw and fell in love with the idea. 

                      !This picture belongs to!

Once I have mine done I will post this pinterest adventure in a new post! I hope to have plenty more pinterest adventures to share with you all!

Remember Happy Pinning!