Lego desk for our son...update into Pinterestland

30 April 2013

Here is an update from the previous post of my 2nd project from my pinterest board. I have to say I like it and it didn't cost or take as long as the source I blogged about.

The 2 3 drawer plastic storage bins cost us $17.99 each, the little mini 5 drawer holder cost $5.99 from the same store.

The wooden table top cost us nothing our neighbor gave it to us and hubby sanded it. We had the tools for that and it was a belt-sander that hubby used it took him about 45 minutes. He sanded it till it was pretty smooth well as smooth as plywood can get.

The paint we used was indoor/outdoor white latex paint. I warn you if you do this project on a beautiful day you will need sunglasses and the paint will dry faster than you can We did about 3 coats of white paint. 

Our son loves the table and hopefully soon we can get his legos sorted out and put into the drawers so he can find them easier and build more.

So with this being my second Pinterest project this one was an epic win and easy to do if you have the right materials!


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