Bible Study Notebook/Binder

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So one day I had voice that told me to get closer to God and I listened. I created a bible study binder for myself. I figured that finding printables for this would be an easy task...boy was wrong, but I did find some printables for my binder tweaked somethings by hand.

I have the following sections in my binder.....

Bible Study notes...the printout I used is this one I'm sure if you ask her she might send you the PDF file for the scripture journal.

Devotional Study notes.....I am actually using a printout from this site

Personal Study notes...the printout I am using again came from one of a kind gift ideas.

Bible study lessons....The are small on-line studies that I have found that are more or less about being a woman to God and what kind of relationship a woman should have with God. I Googled women's bible studies and got a lot of links and most of the studies are in PDF format.

Mom's corner emails....I signed up for this email and it's thru titus 2. It's about encouragement for being a parent or some times it's about homeschooling or sometimes it's personal growth in becoming a christian. 

Scripture notes....this section is used for note taking of chapters in the bible that I am reading and where else the topic can be found in other books.

Reading plans/Study....Right now I am working on the 31 Proverbs Woman from Good Morning Girls. They are gearing to start a new study soon. You can check them out here > or their Facebook page .

Topic great place to have different topics of the bible that are interesting to read for what ever is going on your life. or

I have a blank tab...Haven't quite figured out what I am going to put there yet. The next tab I have is for all my original printouts so all I have to do is take a trip to the local staples/office max or some place you can make copies and there you go.

I do hope that you find this helpful. There are some sites on google but they are not as helpful as I thought they'd be.

I'm hoping to do a section after awhile on bible studies for women or help versus or something to that effect. I hope that you all have a blessed day and enjoyed this post. If you have any questions please feel free to comment!