A new mission a new binder...the Veterans Affairs Medical Binder

18 February 2014
                                             This image belongs to Damandalynn...I borrowed it :)

Today we start a new adventure in Operation Fort Couch/ Fishing Hole...VA appointments. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for my hubby, but keeping track of the VA medical stuffs is kinda like the army...I'll explain!

1) You will need to have triplicates of everything...even if you don't think you do; you do!

2) There are so many appointments that yeah you want a month-at-a-glance calender...check em out here

3) You will need to keep track of who they saw, when they saw them and what was talked about...TBI's are not fun and most are known to cause issues with short term memory. You will want a form like this one.

4) You will also need a log to keep track of medications, cos just like the military it's alot and you can't nor can your veteran always remember what medication is for what...not when you have almost a full pharmacy at your house. Check this one out here, there are many to choose from!

5) Lets not forget the insurance information. Our heroes can fall under at least 3 different types of insurance depending on if it's tricare, Veteran Affairs and Medicaid for those that get SSI-DA (Social Security Disability Assistance). It's so hard to keep track of which does what and when you need to give them which ever card...so check out the pinterest printables here.

6) Lab work...when I think of lab work I think of the song shots, shots, shot. With most of us cargivers not able to access medical records or we are still waiting on them...this should help keeping track of everything and anything! Check it out here.

7) Misc. forms and printables...There are a ton on pinterest and lord knows I love pinterest. But there is one site that has alot of professional forms. It's free to download, just make sure your acrobat reader is up to par, you have lots of paper and ink. For medical forms click here. For Pinterest and their vast array of medical printables check it out here.

I will say this as much as I love printerest I am not fan of all the uber cute PDF forms they have on there that are from esty shops. I'm sorry...most of us can't afford that with the strict budgets we have or will have soon. There are many of these lovely forms/printables that are free and for that I can't be thankful enough. We as caregivers must and have to keep track of so much information...I'm amazed we can even think sometimes. I hope that you all find these helpful and if there is something more I need to add please let me know!


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