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04 February 2014
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I started a website along with my other blogs to help moms and women spend 15 min. with the word of God. With our busy and hectic lives it's sometimes hard to spend time with the bible and get the word. With that said and done there is a 21 day challenge with verses to learn or memorize. A nice way for us to spend 15 minutes with God and share with our families or small group of friends.

You can check the site out here...This link will take you to the 21 day bible verse challenge. I plan on posting all the verses on that particular post and they can also be found on the community page at facebook here. Each day a new verse or review of the verse will be posted.

Feel free to stop by the facebook page as there are other verses, devotionals and printables (under the note section) to help build a bible study notebook. If you like what you see please feel free to like on facebook and follow the website. I had a give away and hope to have more and once I know there are enough ladies to start a bible study I plan on doing 15 min. bible study lessons for you guessed it women.

The reasoning behind this was there is more to the bible than doom and gloom. I was looking for God's wisdom for us women and mom's. There is nothing better than to share his love and wisdom for what's going on with us women. The bible studies are encouraging and uplifting. And yes another way for one to spend 15 min. or slightly more with the love and works of God.


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