Always something...I know you can relate

04 March 2014
Every dang on day!

So I wake up this morning with my son and what do I see? My kitchen is a hot mess, dining room table is a catch all of everything and lets not even get into the TV left on....WTF!

I know here in my little corner of the web/paradise of Florida it's cest la via but seriously am I the only one who knows to clean??? Stupid question obviously...but seriously I am not the only adult that can clean and heck my 7 year old is picking up bad habits from dad...i.e. dirty clothes on the floor. After I do my bible study page for the day...which you can check out here I will be doing the following:

1) Finish the laundry mountain that never seems to end.
2) Sweep and Mop
3) Clean both bathrooms
4) Make sweet tea cos well when in the south we do drink alot of sweet tea.
5) Va paper work, CRSC paper work and then go from there!


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