Everything old is new again

16 March 2014

Ok I have to give it up to the internet and upcycling. I have seen so many wonderful projects that take something old and make it new again. I had seen this project in my Facebook page feeds from Budget 101, but the only difference was the post that Budget 101 had done the door picture frame had hooks on it.

I looked at it with Mr. Handy man here in my home and we both really liked loved the idea even more so with the hooks to make it functional. I even knew where I wanted it to put it in the house.

If your like me and have that one wall in your home that SCREAMS; Do Something With Me. I hear ya wall and I think this would make a great crafty home project for you. And the pictures I would use would help kinda build a family tree. I then saw another project that would go great under it....yup I wanna do that too. It was taking a bookcase (not presswood) laying it on it's side and putting a foam cushion on it. I gasp with joy and soon will be hitting up craigslist here in sunny Florida to find what I need.

The link for this project is under the picture and I couldn't help but share this tutorial that a fellow blogspot user wrote. If you want to make the same project she shows you how and has all the before, working on, and end product of her project. Check her out! I can't wait to do this for my home. As ya all know I am freak about antiques...I love, love, love them.

 Stop by send her some love, and comment too....and no she's not doing a giveaway or anything. I just like to share and a word of kindness goes so far.


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