Our newest adventure....HomeSchooling

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This is something that we didn't walk into lightly or didn't do research on. It's a mutual agreement between us and our son. So no negative comments.

We decided  to home school our son because of the following reasons. Every...and I mean every Monday he comes home complaining how bad his school day was. It's either he fell behind in his work or something and he lost his recess. I'm sorry my boy is a very bright cookie and loves recess cos he can run and jump and get some of that pent up energy out. His homework packet for the week is any where from 8-15 pages for the whole week. These pages are back to back and he really doesn't retain much of what he's taught.

Reason 2: While my son is your average 7 year old outdoor type of kiddo, he's usually bouncy and can't sit still. He gets frustrated very easily...and mean very easily. The school isn't the one dealing with him smacking himself in the head calling himself stupid. I know as well as any parent that this is a "learned" behavior and I can tell you this...WE NEVER do that to him. He's a very sensitive lil boy that loves his friends and looks out for those with special needs due to his sister. But to see and watch this happen all the time with him hearts my heart as well as any mother who see/hears this.

Reason 3. I know I can teach him better. This core curriculum standards mess is that a mess. They are calling borrowing regrouping...um what the heck is any way? He loves the math that we as parents and grandparents grew up on doing and some cases are still doing. It kinda falls under the if ain't broke why fix it? We can help boost him on subjects that he struggles with, expand him outward on subjects he's thriving in. All this with no distractions...which does have me question his school on this one. 

Question: There are 14 kiddos in his class currently in Public School and his teacher is actually a Special Education teacher...can any one explain to me how he's falling behind and his teacher isn't noticing the distractions in her class from the back of the room? 

Answer: I'm not sure either.

Reason 4. They say he may have ADHD. While I know first hand what a kiddo with ADHD acts (my brother had it), my lil man doesn't really show the typical issues associated with ADHD. Yes he's easily distracted and slightly hyper...but he's 7 years old and loves being out doors not cooped up in a class room for hours on. I will say his public school is pretty awesome about the NO medication and working with the parent...but here we are going into April after asking back in Feb. for him to be tested. WE are DONE!

Homeschooling isn't for the light hearten as there is  tons of research that needs to be done. You need to know what your state laws are and the requirements that a parent must know for home schooling. Some states are really friendly and some states ask for simple things like here in FL. Here in FL we need to keep attendance, documentation of assessments to see where our kiddos are thriving and where they might need extra help. We need to submit a report card of sorts to show what subjects they have taken and how well they are doing. With that said and done there is also another option that gives the homeschooling parent a little more room to play is an umbrella school. 

An umbrella school is a school that is registered with the state as a Private school but backs the parent in their homeschooling choices. I'm thankful that I do live in a state that gives many options for schooling my lil man. He's super excited about being homeschooled. It's his choice, he has a say in HIS education. Not what the state says nor the public schools say. He has voice and I have based his curriculum on those choices. 

Researching the curriculum that knew he needed I have found a great and many choices, advice, opinions and reviews of said curriculum. I have an awesome site that is for teachers by teachers. Many of what they have to offer have been used in homeschooling as well as public education. I'm so thankful for these teachers and the site they have created. Some items are free (my fave word) and some you pay for...and they aren't expensive at all. They have everything and then some for every grade. You can check em out here. Then there are the umpteen million of blogs and resources from Pinterest. It's made the idea and calmed down the the thought in your brain WTH was I thinking. 

Homeschooling has come a long way from revolutionary times to what it is today. I'm not saying that Public School is bad in any way shape or form, but it might not be the right option for some kiddos. I'm proud to say that I am a Home School Momma!


  1. Congrats on your decision. I love homeschooling! Look at Rainbow Resources for curriculum ideas and reviews. Order the catalog from them. It is a great resource.