Ummm yeah...the love hate relationship of homeschooling; and I haven't even started yet!

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Let the cussing, screaming, yelling, headbanging on table begin! If your like me you are right now in some closet or bathroom at this moment contemplating if your doing the right thing by homeschooling your minion...I mean child(ren) at this point...your ripping your hair out and that bottle of wine is looking really good too.

Where oh where is your sanity and is there an adult version of Go the F*ck to Sleep. Oh yeah and people telling you to breath is getting on your nerves...your not giving birth. Anywho...are you in this place yet? Do you want to give in? Well don't! Drink that bottle of wine, scream, rant , whatever you need to and listen up.

No one ever said educating your child was going to be easy. However, in the long run it's worth it. Of course as usual here are some links about that sticky situation of home school vs P.S.

As you can see with the stats on this issue our homeschool kiddos are actually more prepared for college and or a career. The reasons to home school also vary on why some of us chose to go this route. 

Now the other issue is curriculum. I know you seen my posts on this issue and well still trying to fill out my son's studies with his input still about drove me nuts. I'm sorry but I am not spending over 200$ + to get a kit in the box. We as home educators need to be able to purchase what we need without extras that don't fit our kiddos or their learning styles. There has to be a better way to do this and so far I haven't found it.

I'm sure there will be a way in the future but that doesn't help us parents NOW. So I suggest joining groups on FaceBook, Yahoo groups and more to help you and your kiddo. I have found some awesome women in this journey that have helped me and still are. We pass resources like a good bottle of wine. If I can't use it I pass it on to someone who can. I can tell you right now that 3rd grade is a beast to find everything, but with help in these groups and resource groups on facebook I have managed to do it.

Till the day I can go to the library and actually check out said curriculum from them this is where I have to go and what I have to do as well as so many secular schooling parents.