Life lessons here in Sunny Florida!

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We have a ferry here in Venice, Fl and every chance we get we go to the beach. It's calming, relaxing and fun. It's a family outing that last for hours on end. Straight in front of you is the Gulf of Mexico and all her beauty and around you the sites of mother nature. It's very hard to soak it all in some times.

We walk the beach sometimes, or I do our son on the other hand I don't think he even knows what walk means at times. I walk up and down the beach looking for shark teeth. Venice, FL is known as the shark tooth capital of the world...and believe me it's the truth!

We have that and the best thing of all is my husband teaching our 7 year old son how to fish. Every time I see them fishing together all I can think of is the old saying.....

With that said and I do love that Chinese proverb because it's true, so true! Hubby fishes off the beach and there he is our little man asking questions about bait, hooks, rigs, line and poles. Learning right along side his daddy. I'm writing this post to show case what our son caught.

On May 25th he and his daddy went fishing at the South Jetty here in Venice, Fl and look what he caught....
This is a nurse shark

Yes he caught a nurse shark and was so proud of himself. I cropped his face because well I try to protect my family and many people over the years have had access to my blog one way or another. Plus I'm his mom. I think that's the best answer.

Well that's a pretty good haul for such a small man. He hates being called a boy, I giggle he stomps away mad. It works. But any who...daddy loves to fish trust me he LOVES to fish. Well he went out yesterday night and caught this mack daddy of fish.

That Thar ladies and gents is known as a Goliath Grouper. Sadly you can only keep them long enough to get a picture. That big boy weighed about 300 lbs. They have a nick name but I will not say cos I don't agree with the term being used. If you live here in Florida you will hear both names used.

Our adventures in Florida have been great and I foresee many more and lots more fishing as well.  I guess it's true there are plenty of fish, but in the ocean not the sea.


National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers or N.A.S.H

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This came from the NASH website.

That's right you heard it here and probably all over Facebook that a new up and coming (they are still working on the 501(c)  tax paper work) proponent to help be the voice of secular homeschoolers.

There is a group of very diligent people working on all aspects of helping the collective group of secular homeschoolers. What does that mean for all you secular homeschoolers??? Here's what N.A.S.H has said on their website (which the picture above will take you).

"Our focus is to bring all secular homeschoolers together to create a strong, unified, and significantly influential force in the secular homeschooling movement and to help the secular homeschool community reach a variety of goals, including but not limited to: 

a. Providing a national framework of structure, support, and connection for those homeschoolers who identify as secular homeschoolers. 

b. Advocating for the creation and promotion of secular curriculum and other resources and materials that cater to secular homeschoolers. 

c. Raising awareness of the secular homeschooling movement and bringing recognition to secular homeschoolers, both in the homeschooling community and in society. 

d. Providing support and guidance for current secular homeschoolers or those interested in secular homeschooling. 

It is our belief that by coming together our goals can and will be met. We will do all we can to support and sustain the secular homeschooling movement to help transform the homeschooling community for the 21st century and beyond."

There will be a convention event with other secular homeschoolers, vendors, and more you can check out all the information here. There is also a facebook page that you can join about N.A.S.H and see what/ how they are trying to make things better or easier for all of us secular homeschoolers. 


Well today is grade 4 Freebies

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Yup that's right I'm posting more freebie links and this time it's grade 4!  If you haven't been following I am trying to get a grade done a week of free curriculum that is just that free and secular. If you know anything about secular curriculum it's hard time come by and when you found you jump for a joy. 

I hope you enjoy the links, if you want to stay posted when they are blogged about and all the other great homeschool links I find please become a follower. As always I personally tested these links so I know they work. 

Note: As much as we try to be secular in our teaching needs/wants one must remember that there are key pivotal events that have happened in history that are religious based. You can not expect to teach why there are certain religious undertones in today's law or why there separation of church and state without explaining religion.  religion is often the backbone of people's culture and to strip religion away completely would be to deny these people who helped shape our country and world. This is part of the California Science book series. The book is available on line. This is the student workbook that accompanies the above link. Learning about DNA Online books with username and password Math Daily book Tic Tack Math pt.1 Tic Tack Math pt.2 Tic Tack Math pt. 3 Tic Tack Math pt. 4 Tic Tack Math pt. 5 Math and Science with username and password Intermediate 5 Saxon Math Book Complete 4th grade math Interactive math book Grade 4 math Supplements Language arts Spelling and Grammar...the first workbook is used with a textbook Language arts practice book California treasures practice book Daily Language review pt. 1 Daily Language Review pt. 2 Daily Language Review pt. 3 Grammar review Tennessee History/Social Studies username and password is there  Our Country's regions workbook Spelling workbook Master skills spelling  vocabulary 15 min. a day Daily 6 trait writing Daily Paragraph editing Daily Math Practice


Even more links to enjoy!

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Just love this picture from another blogger user!

And here we go again with massive links for all you secular homeschoolers! As I find em I will post them and hope you enjoy them as much as my stumbling upon them.

American History: songs and lyrics from the 1700's to the 1990's and other categories as well. lots of stuff from early american history discover President Lincoln's log cabin home History of the United States Historical documents from our past at the library of congress. Lots of american history and free online textbooks many sourcebooks for history, they are currently working on updating links that are broken.

Ancient History more ancient egypt Historic time line for kids 1-400AD Asian culture, stories, games and more

ART/ ART History History of art through the ages Art History timeline at the Metropolitan Art Museum lots of lesson based on grade which is on the right side of the site. lots of lessons, mixed media student activities from the Smithsonian.

Astronomy virtual tour of the sun

Audio books public domain books and audio books lots of classical books. Note: the bible is listed but you can listen or not your choice. lots of classic books many topics to chose and listen too. 7000+ songs on science and math


Books tons of things to do

Chemistry lots to do, sponsored by the museum of science in Miaim FL.  about acids, alkalis and neutralization.

Music Composers there is more than just Vivaldi

Crafts Museum of childhood

Languages greek and latin


High School lots of classes

World History
* Note: you can not exclude religion from history. Many historic events are due to and caused by a religious conflict or issue (Ex. Henry 8th separating England from Rome). Romans absorbed many cultures and beliefs. Religion is the back bone to many cultures and peoples and to exclude it would mean to exclude these peoples/ cultures who helped shape and formed our history world wide.* great for kiddos in 3-5th but I'm sure you can tweak it to suit your need. lots of European history

Geography Through the library of Congress online geography game geography games and quizzes lots of links for games and more lots of places and links and not just geography and yes the CIA has a kids zone

Well that's it for this round, eyes are hurting and I think I need to eat too. I will post more and hopefully get that 4th grade homeschool freebie post done too. So enjoy what I have given you all and be on the look out for more!


More Links for homeschooling!

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The picture is linked to the owner...another blogspot blogger :)

Oh how I love when I get bored or more you all love when I get bored. I start the google fu that I am so well known for and you all reap the benefits and so do I...I post them here so A) I'm not having a huge bookmark list and B) they are all in one place and I know they work :)

A win win situation for all. All these links that I am posting are secular and if wonder what that is then you can read the post here. So let the linking flood begin!

LINKS: Tons of art projects based on age and grade level Same as kinderart junior secondary and middle school more charts on the left hand side more links to other sciences and more on the right side all about our creepy crawly friends. all about time zones and dates. I used this to keep track of time when hubby was deployed. Need a calendar well here ya go! Coloring pages, photos, crafts and color pictures handwriting worksheets to practice or improve writing skills. crafts, crafts and more crafts :) math, english, geography, puzzles and more. online games for 2 brackets 2-5 and 11 under Fun science from discovery channel, but for KIDS! Learn about kinds of things, printables, worksheets, games and more. Math, math and more math games and a free tab the is good from K-7th tons of kindergarten worksheets for everything Classical music for kids Kids learning encyclopedia  Your online timer Printable crafts for kids paper toys to make all about poetry A place to have questions answered that our kiddos ask...but there isn't one for the why when ask them to do something. videos that we grew up watching in school...all free :) everyday science lots of stuffs some free some paid lots of stuff


Homeschool freebies grade 3 :)

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For this week I am focusing on 3rd grade and well maybe later on in the week 4th grade. It all depends on alot of things, but for right now I'm gonna focus on grade 3. So as usual I have checked all the lovely links for you lovely readers an will be presenting them to you as a gift, ya I know I shouldn't have but I could and did so enjoy! Mixed subjects and more...I do love BBC! :: Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Fine Arts  :: Map Skills :: Winter break worksheets :: This is the reading and writing part of the California science set. :: Another science workbook :: Science textbooks with username and password. :: Science lab manual :: Tic Tac Toe Math part 1 :: TTT Math part 2 :: TTT Math part 3 :: TTT Math part 4 ::TTT Math part 5 :: Saxon math :: Bridges Supplements grade 3 :: Grades K-6th :: Math 3rd grade :: Math Grade 2-3 :: Math Practice workbook grade 3 :: Treasures workbooks :: Grade 3 Grammar workbook :: Language arts workbooks :: Language fundamentals grade 3 :: Paragraph editing grade 3 :: grade 3 spelling words :: Florida treasures Spelling/ Phonics Practice book :: spelling practice book part 1 :: spelling practice book part 2 :: spelling practice book part 3 :: spelling practice book part 4 :: spelling test multi choice :: Book of own words. In cursive :: reading comprehension :: reading comprehension :: reading predicting :: reading drawing conclusions :: reading directions :: reading narrative passages :: reading expository passages :: reading letters :: daily language review :: antonyms :: synonyms :: Capitalization and Punctuation :: Syllabication :: Social Studies Timelinks student activity book :: Georgia Social Studies book username and password :: Social Studies workbook with reading comprehension 


More Homeschool cheap links part 2/grade 2

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Well I"m back again this sunny lovely Sunday morning to post more links. Cos well I can and I was really tired last night to finish. It takes time for me to test the links before sharing and then some links I need to shorten down or they look funky on my page.

So let's get started on grade 2...if I can get the links done and have time today I will post grade :)

Grade 2 :: grade 2 readers. This is a parochial site, but they do use some secular resources. :: science :: Science workbook :: The book to go with ^^workbook. :: Math Brain teaser 2-3rd grade :: Lots of workbooks that are PDF. :: Math grades K-6th :: Complete math curriculum free. It does go up to grade 6. :: Math grade K-5th with username and password. :: Language Arts K-6th grade ::Grade 2 grammar/ language arts :: massive pdf workbooks for grammar/language arts. More than just 2nd grade :: daily language review grade 2 :: California treasures reproducibles grade 2 :: Grade 2 summer activities printable workbook :: Grade 2 Spelling words :: Grade 2 American Heroes Reading comprehension :: Grade 2 reading sharpen skills :: Grade 2 Treasures spelling workbook :: California Treasures grade 2 practice grammar book  :: Social Studies workbook grade 2 :: Paragraph editing grade 2 :: Understanding fairy tales workbook Grade 2 & 3


More links to help homeschool on the cheap.

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Did I ever tell all you faithful loving readers how much I love links and more so if they are links to free stuff? Yeah I thought so ya'll do....and I thank you all so much for reading my tiny blip of a blog in the inter webs  universe.

So I'm in an awesome group on facebook....these women rock! I mean it so what does this FB group and what I'm writing about have in common???? Glad ya asked. We had a member of the group freak about finding curriculum on the cheap and having everything ready for the grades she needed. This is seems to be an occurring problem, heck even yours truly freaked out about math and grammar.  

the problem we are running across is finding good secular home-school resources. It's seriously hit or miss on it. So we band together and try to help where we can. I stumbled upon a mother load of FREE stuff. That's right FREE, Secular home-school goodies and guess what you get to check it all out too!

So I am posting the ever lovely links. I will say please, please make sure that your Adobe Acrobat reader is up to date to check them out. There will be a couple of non-secular links but not everything there is of religious continuation.  Feel free to snag what you like.

Teacher tools: :: lesson plans, activities and more this is for the state of Connecticut, there is lots of information that one can use :: lots of links here :: Graphic Organizers :: lots of printables with this site and other freebies. :: 2 pages for assignments :: Really great forms for us to keep track of stuff.

GRADE 1 :: Different texts for different grades and subjects. :: Grades K-6th Science :: science text book grade 1 :: Science workbook grade 1 :: Lots of PDF workbooks from K-5th grade :: Math grade K-6th :: This is the username and password for grades K-5th. The books are online :) :: Grade 1 Math worksheets with answers :: Grade 1-5th Math and social studies ebooks. These are the user id and password. : grammar grade 1 :: Grade 1 geography workbook :: Grade 1-5th with music and health. user Id and password. This is for the state of Georgia. geography grade 1 workbook state of Virginia. :: Grade 1 spelling and writing :: Bridging work for 1st to going into the 2nd grade :: for all those fast learners you all might have.

It's late and to be honest checking on all the links is gonna take some time, as I wonder if I should create a separate blog for just homeschooling. Enjoy these links as I know you all do while think about creating a homeschooling blog, chug down some fresh coffee and take a break for the night.