Gearing up and messes made for the homeschooling adventure.

11:34 AM Rachel Adams 0 Comments owns this picture...i'm borrowing it :)

Yeah, Yeah I know I'm being lazy but it's all good homeschooling hasn't started yet!

With that said and done, I am waiting on hubby to build my desk. Yes we are going the cheap but savvy route with that. I have 2 kitchen cabinets that are the base of the desk. One needs to be built up a bit to be the same height as the other cabinet that's has a deep shelf unit in it. I'll post that project later.

Home-school mess, home-school mess my dining table is currently my desk.
paper here and papers there no wonder I can't find a thing here.
My binder to the left of me and his to the right...the site of my dining room is a fright.

Yes and i'm sure you think the same thing too. Currently I have an antique crate holding curriculum and a grocery basket too. I have small 5 drawer thingie holding my pens, pencils and more with labels till the desk gets made. What do your home-school rooms look like?

Right now mine is the beginning phases of being put together. I hope to actually add more cool things to keep's a wait and see thing till it gets done. Hopefully soon I will have pictures of the finished product, granted it will be one side of the dining room.

What tips do you have organizing your home-school room/area?