Life lessons here in Sunny Florida!

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We have a ferry here in Venice, Fl and every chance we get we go to the beach. It's calming, relaxing and fun. It's a family outing that last for hours on end. Straight in front of you is the Gulf of Mexico and all her beauty and around you the sites of mother nature. It's very hard to soak it all in some times.

We walk the beach sometimes, or I do our son on the other hand I don't think he even knows what walk means at times. I walk up and down the beach looking for shark teeth. Venice, FL is known as the shark tooth capital of the world...and believe me it's the truth!

We have that and the best thing of all is my husband teaching our 7 year old son how to fish. Every time I see them fishing together all I can think of is the old saying.....

With that said and I do love that Chinese proverb because it's true, so true! Hubby fishes off the beach and there he is our little man asking questions about bait, hooks, rigs, line and poles. Learning right along side his daddy. I'm writing this post to show case what our son caught.

On May 25th he and his daddy went fishing at the South Jetty here in Venice, Fl and look what he caught....
This is a nurse shark

Yes he caught a nurse shark and was so proud of himself. I cropped his face because well I try to protect my family and many people over the years have had access to my blog one way or another. Plus I'm his mom. I think that's the best answer.

Well that's a pretty good haul for such a small man. He hates being called a boy, I giggle he stomps away mad. It works. But any who...daddy loves to fish trust me he LOVES to fish. Well he went out yesterday night and caught this mack daddy of fish.

That Thar ladies and gents is known as a Goliath Grouper. Sadly you can only keep them long enough to get a picture. That big boy weighed about 300 lbs. They have a nick name but I will not say cos I don't agree with the term being used. If you live here in Florida you will hear both names used.

Our adventures in Florida have been great and I foresee many more and lots more fishing as well.  I guess it's true there are plenty of fish, but in the ocean not the sea.