More Links for homeschooling!

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The picture is linked to the owner...another blogspot blogger :)

Oh how I love when I get bored or more you all love when I get bored. I start the google fu that I am so well known for and you all reap the benefits and so do I...I post them here so A) I'm not having a huge bookmark list and B) they are all in one place and I know they work :)

A win win situation for all. All these links that I am posting are secular and if wonder what that is then you can read the post here. So let the linking flood begin!

LINKS: Tons of art projects based on age and grade level Same as kinderart junior secondary and middle school more charts on the left hand side more links to other sciences and more on the right side all about our creepy crawly friends. all about time zones and dates. I used this to keep track of time when hubby was deployed. Need a calendar well here ya go! Coloring pages, photos, crafts and color pictures handwriting worksheets to practice or improve writing skills. crafts, crafts and more crafts :) math, english, geography, puzzles and more. online games for 2 brackets 2-5 and 11 under Fun science from discovery channel, but for KIDS! Learn about kinds of things, printables, worksheets, games and more. Math, math and more math games and a free tab the is good from K-7th tons of kindergarten worksheets for everything Classical music for kids Kids learning encyclopedia  Your online timer Printable crafts for kids paper toys to make all about poetry A place to have questions answered that our kiddos ask...but there isn't one for the why when ask them to do something. videos that we grew up watching in school...all free :) everyday science lots of stuffs some free some paid lots of stuff