More links to help homeschool on the cheap.

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Did I ever tell all you faithful loving readers how much I love links and more so if they are links to free stuff? Yeah I thought so ya'll do....and I thank you all so much for reading my tiny blip of a blog in the inter webs  universe.

So I'm in an awesome group on facebook....these women rock! I mean it so what does this FB group and what I'm writing about have in common???? Glad ya asked. We had a member of the group freak about finding curriculum on the cheap and having everything ready for the grades she needed. This is seems to be an occurring problem, heck even yours truly freaked out about math and grammar.  

the problem we are running across is finding good secular home-school resources. It's seriously hit or miss on it. So we band together and try to help where we can. I stumbled upon a mother load of FREE stuff. That's right FREE, Secular home-school goodies and guess what you get to check it all out too!

So I am posting the ever lovely links. I will say please, please make sure that your Adobe Acrobat reader is up to date to check them out. There will be a couple of non-secular links but not everything there is of religious continuation.  Feel free to snag what you like.

Teacher tools: :: lesson plans, activities and more this is for the state of Connecticut, there is lots of information that one can use :: lots of links here :: Graphic Organizers :: lots of printables with this site and other freebies. :: 2 pages for assignments :: Really great forms for us to keep track of stuff.

GRADE 1 :: Different texts for different grades and subjects. :: Grades K-6th Science :: science text book grade 1 :: Science workbook grade 1 :: Lots of PDF workbooks from K-5th grade :: Math grade K-6th :: This is the username and password for grades K-5th. The books are online :) :: Grade 1 Math worksheets with answers :: Grade 1-5th Math and social studies ebooks. These are the user id and password. : grammar grade 1 :: Grade 1 geography workbook :: Grade 1-5th with music and health. user Id and password. This is for the state of Georgia. geography grade 1 workbook state of Virginia. :: Grade 1 spelling and writing :: Bridging work for 1st to going into the 2nd grade :: for all those fast learners you all might have.

It's late and to be honest checking on all the links is gonna take some time, as I wonder if I should create a separate blog for just homeschooling. Enjoy these links as I know you all do while think about creating a homeschooling blog, chug down some fresh coffee and take a break for the night.