National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers or N.A.S.H

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This came from the NASH website.

That's right you heard it here and probably all over Facebook that a new up and coming (they are still working on the 501(c)  tax paper work) proponent to help be the voice of secular homeschoolers.

There is a group of very diligent people working on all aspects of helping the collective group of secular homeschoolers. What does that mean for all you secular homeschoolers??? Here's what N.A.S.H has said on their website (which the picture above will take you).

"Our focus is to bring all secular homeschoolers together to create a strong, unified, and significantly influential force in the secular homeschooling movement and to help the secular homeschool community reach a variety of goals, including but not limited to: 

a. Providing a national framework of structure, support, and connection for those homeschoolers who identify as secular homeschoolers. 

b. Advocating for the creation and promotion of secular curriculum and other resources and materials that cater to secular homeschoolers. 

c. Raising awareness of the secular homeschooling movement and bringing recognition to secular homeschoolers, both in the homeschooling community and in society. 

d. Providing support and guidance for current secular homeschoolers or those interested in secular homeschooling. 

It is our belief that by coming together our goals can and will be met. We will do all we can to support and sustain the secular homeschooling movement to help transform the homeschooling community for the 21st century and beyond."

There will be a convention event with other secular homeschoolers, vendors, and more you can check out all the information here. There is also a facebook page that you can join about N.A.S.H and see what/ how they are trying to make things better or easier for all of us secular homeschoolers.